China's embassy in Sweden once again shouted Swedish TV: "sincerely apologize, don't guard against it."

China's embassy in Sweden once again shouted Swedish TV:

Spokesman for the Swedish Embassy: Strongly urges Swedish TV to sincerely apologize to the Chinese people and stop protecting the scandal

China Embassy in Sweden Wechat Public Source said that we have taken note of the Swedish media reports about the Swedish government's judicial office's statement on the Swedish TV humiliation program. The racist nature of Swedish TV's humiliating Chinese programmes cannot be concealed. The freedom of speech advertised must not be used as a cover for racism or as an excuse to undermine the sovereignty and dignity of other countries.

Once again, we strongly urge Swedish TV and its relevant programmes to face up to their serious mistakes, sincerely apologize to China and the Chinese people, stop protecting the short-comers and clowns, and do not expect to be fooled through the customs.

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