Donkey mother travel network dilemma: repeatedly caught robber incident after sale to be improved

Donkey mother travel network dilemma: repeatedly caught robber incident after sale to be improved

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Donkey mother users Alipay and all kinds of credit cards were repeatedly stolen brush, the debit side showed donkey mother travel network, donkey mother travel network users information security problem remains to be solved.

Investor reporter Li Fang Gao Fang Fang

According to a number of users, their credit cards and Alipay's inexplicable stolen brush have been shown as donkey mother travel network and Shanghai Jingyu culture transmission Limited by Share Ltd, which is the controlling shareholder of donkey Mama travel network. Users say they are skeptical about the information security of donkey Mama travel network and think it is useful. The possibility of information leakage. Reporter survey found that the stolen brush users have donkey mother travel network account.

Repeatedly caught in robber brush

In August 2018, users looked for help in Baidu's post bar, calling their Alipay stolen brush. The payment interface showed that the recipient of the transaction was donkey mother's travel network. In determining the first time of Alipay's stolen brush, the user immediately contacted the mother of the donkey to ask for cancellation of the order. The reply is that the order has been in effect, "After that the donkey mother has been shifting the buck, saying that the order information can not be inquired, since it is my consumption why can not find the order." Users reported that in addition to the orders already in force, there were two insurance policies that were not paid in time that were displayed on their order screen, but Mother Donkey responded that "two unpaid orders belonged to customer service personnel ordering errors, orders that had been valid could not be found," the user angrily said: "My own Mother Donkey account. There were two more unpaid insurance, but Mother Donkey explained that she had ordered the wrong order. I wondered if there was such a coincidence. This kind of robber has happened more than once on the donkey's mother.

This robber incident is not the first time in the donkey mother's travel network. Besides the stolen Alipay brush, all kinds of credit card fraudulent incidents also happen frequently. After the reporter sorted out, a user complained that his China Merchants Bank credit card was stolen and swiped in the donkey mother travel network. The user said that his China Merchants Bank credit card had been stolen and swiped twice, each time the amount was RMB 2580 yuan, a total of 5,160 yuan. Consumption showed that the recipient's account was named Donkey mother travel network. After the incident, the user immediately alerted the police and contacted the Donkey Mother Travel Network after the police filed the case. The customer service asked for a bank card number, name, order number and a year-old bank transaction flow account. What was troubling was that after the user contacted the China Merchants Bank Credit Card, the bank said it was unable to provide donkeys. The flow account that mom needs and the details of the transaction that the police need.

"After the brush theft incident, the bank and the donkey mother travel network are still shirking their responsibilities and refusing to compensate for the money I stole from brushing," the user said. You net, but the donkey mother travel network refused to pay for me because the bank account I provided was incorrect, repeatedly let me wait. This is itself a manifestation of corporate irresponsibility and disregard of the interests of customers.

In addition to China Merchants Bank, there have also been customers of China Construction Bank and Ping An Bank who have been stolen and brushed. Credit card holders of China Construction Bank said that their credit cards were stolen and brushed RMB 4902 yuan through quick payment without input of authentication code and password, while users of Ping An Bank showed that they had been stolen and brushed RMB 2350 yuan. Similar to the above user experience, they both alerted and contacted the donkey mom's travel network platform in time, but the donkey mom's need for evidence from the user was a dilemma for the user.

Throughout these typical cases of brushing theft, reporters found that almost all the users were the first time found and timely contact the donkey mother travel network platform and the police, but the actual show that the recovery of arrears is not much, the main problem is that the key evidence is difficult to provide, because the donkey mother travel network requested information The bank said it could not provide a new one, but could only provide another one. The bank's account was invalid in the eyes of Donkey Mother's Travel Network. So it became a difficult problem to get a deduction.

The reporter called the donkey mother travel network customer service for consultation, customer service said that if the donkey mother travel network encountered a credit card theft incident, the user needs to provide order number, transaction flow account, if the amount involved is large, the donkey mother travel network will help to report, but for the success of recovery, customer service said, "no." The law gives positive answers and needs to be handled as appropriate.

Credit cards contain a large amount of personal information of users, which is stolen and swiped after binding to the platform. Does the platform reflect the risk of user information leakage? For the details of the brush theft incident, the reporter sent an interview letter to Shanghai Scenic Spot Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Up to the date of publication, no reply has been received.

Poor after-sale

According to the user's response, donkey mom travel network exists serious after-sales vacancy, mainly reflected in the "customer service evasion responsibility" and "refund negotiation difficulties" two aspects, the user Ms. Lin said that she recently ordered a "one-day tour of Hokkaido Japan" product on the donkey mom travel network, because the product specifies the need. Two confirmations. As a result, she waited for confirmation of the donkey's mother's travel website and received a text message that said the ticket would be sent by e-mail.

To Ms. Lin's surprise, she didn't receive an email until the day before she left. Realizing that there might be problems in changing tickets, Ms. Lin immediately contacted the Donkey Mother Travel Network Customer Service, which never responded. Ms. Lin, anxious, dialed an overseas complaint phone, and then the online customer service responded that the ticket was not booked. We can refund now. Ms. Lin was greatly disappointed by this after-sales attitude. She believed that she urged the customer service spontaneously, and the customer service informed her that the ticket was not booked. If she had not contacted the customer service voluntarily, she might have been told that she could not travel until the day of the trip, which would delay the whole trip plan. "We missed the opportunity to order from other travel agencies because of the negligence and negligence of the customer service," Ms. Lin said. I had already communicated with the customer service that day, and I helped Mummy Donkey come up with a solution. If Mummy Donkey cooperated with other travel agencies, they could arrange a chartered car to complete the same scenic route. This was the lowest cost for Mummy Donkey, who had already defaulted, but the customer service didn't take my advice. Just ask me to wait patiently. "

Mr. Fan from Shanghai also delayed the trip because of the slow response of the customer service. Mr. Fan said that the travel products he ordered need to be cancelled because of the change of the itinerary. He inquired about the donkey mother's refund instructions and learned that if the product needs to be modified or cancelled, he should call the donkey mother's customer service at least three days before the game. If the donkey's mother travel website refunds the order from 12:00 noon to 17:00 pm the day before the game, 50% of the total amount of the order will be charged as the loss fee; if the order is overdue, 100% of the total amount of the order will be charged as the loss fee, and if the order needs to be repaired on weekends and holidays. Change or cancel, will charge 100% of all orders as a loss fee, so he was angry that there was only a three-day buffer period, mother donkey customer service or the first day asked, wait until the next day to reply, "will help you ask, an hour later to reply, wait for nearly one day." B

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