Ma Ying-Jeou: CAI has "diplomatic shock" worse than the puppet Manchuria.

Ma Ying-Jeou: CAI has

Chen Jianren, vice president of Taiwan, has been on a three-day "friendship tour" to consolidate ties with the Vatican, but his visit has not been seen as a good one on the island. Former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou on the 14th even lamented that Cai's English authorities had "diplomatic shock" and that "the diplomatic relations between the two countries" were less than that of the puppet "Manchukuo".

According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency" reported on the 14th, Chen Jianren and his wife attended the morning of the former Pope Paul VI "feudal ceremony". The media said that the Pope Francis had arranged to visit Japan next year, and Chen Jianren hoped he could visit Taiwan by the way. "Central News Agency" said Chen Jianren sat next to the "friendly" Vice President of Honduras, the ceremony to shake hands and mutual peace, he shook hands with Vice President Honduras greetings; and just "broken off" with Taiwan, El Salvador and Panama, the two presidents also attended the ceremony, but Chen's seat is not adjacent to them, nor interactive.

Chen Jianren arrived in the Vatican on 12 local time. He claimed that he cherished decades of "strong and profound friendship" with the Vatican, believing that such close ties "will never be shaken by any single event or external factors. Taiwan media said Chen Jianren's "single event" refers to the temporary agreement signed between the Vatican and mainland China in September. On the 14 day, he shouted to the mainland twice, "all power should be humbled."

Some Taiwanese media believe that although Chen Jianren went to the Vatican to consolidate "diplomatic relations", the effect is doubtful. Ma Ying-jeou criticized on the 14th that there were 23 "state-to-state relations" when the puppet regime was "Manchukuo". Now there are only 17 "state-to-state relations" in Taiwan. Several "state-to-state relations" with Taiwan have lasted for more than 100 years have not been reversed. The DPP, however, attributed the main reason to the "suppression" of the mainland, but in fact, "if cross-strait relations are well maintained, this will not happen." Things ". He said that the promotion of a "diplomatic truce" during his term of office had been derided as a "diplomatic shock" by the DPP. "As a result, there was no shock during my term of office, but shock during her term of office." Cross-strait relations have changed from cold and peaceful to cold confrontation.

Ma Ying-jeou said there were 4.18 million landers in his last year in office, but a reduction of 2 million over two years was equivalent to losing more than NT $100 billion (22.4 billion yuan) in revenue. Today, too many people complain to him: Kaohsiung's old farmers complain that pineapples can not be sold to the mainland, Jiayi Dongshi fishing port fishermen can not cry happily, "I hope we come back soon," let people feel very sad. (Yu Lu)

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