Saudi Arabia vows to fight back: we have more than 30 ways of retaliation to respond to US sanctions.

Saudi Arabia vows to fight back: we have more than 30 ways of retaliation to respond to US sanctions.

Original title: vow to fight back to the end! Saudi media say there are more than 30 ways of retaliation to respond to US sanctions.

[Global Times correspondent in Egypt Huang Peizhao is in charge of Liu Yupeng] The case of Saudi journalist Hassouji's disappearance in Turkey continues to ferment. Over the weekend, details of the "Apple watch recording the murder" were released, prompting the balance of opinion to tilt sharply against Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman. In a media interview broadcast on the 14th, U.S. President Trump, who once played a high-profile endorsement of the Crown Prince's reform ambitions, rarely used sharp language to threaten to severely punish Saudi Arabia. But he also stressed that the measures to punish Saudi Arabia did not include the cancellation of $110 billion in arms orders with Saudi Arabia. On the 14th, Riyadh vowed to fight back: "We reject any threat, whether economic sanctions, political pressure or repeated false accusations."   

Hassougi, an observer for the Washington Post and a frequent critic of the Saudi government, disappeared in Turkey on October 2. According to Turkey's Daily Morning News, the whereabouts of Hasuji on the day of his disappearance were accidentally recorded by his Apple watch. Before entering the consulate, Hassougi left an Apple phone for his fiancee and switched his watch to recording and video mode, making it "synchronized" with his Apple watch, thus sending recordings of journalists'interrogations, tortures and killings to the phone.

According to the Washington Post, the Turkish government has handed over video and audio evidence of Hassouji's death to the United States, citing officials who said the recording provided "the most convincing" and "the most frightening" evidence to determine that the Saudi government was responsible for Hassouji's death. But the Saudi Interior Minister said the allegations of ordering the murder of Hasuji were "lie" against the government. Arabiya TV said in a signed article that if Saudi Arabia really wanted to kill, it would not be possible to carry out in its Consulate abroad, Saudi Arabia would not be so stupid as not to understand this.

Saudi state news agency issued a statement on the 14th that "rejected any threat," and "if the other side takes action, we will take greater action, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's economy in the global economy has an impact and an important role. Arabiya TV reported the same day that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia "more than 30 measures" can achieve the United States sanctions against the return. Including oil and weapons sales, intelligence exchanges between Riyadh and Washington, and "reconciliation with Iran, the region's main competitor," and so on.

At present, the attitude towards the Kazakhstan disappearance is deepening the cracks in the White House and Congress. The United States "Huffin Post" said on the 13th, in the face of the United States elite group "unprecedented rebound", the Saudi government will also launch "unprecedented offensive" to make the situation turn. They have many strong public relations measures to ensure the support of the two parties to Saudi Arabia. Riyadh has been ploughing for decades in the United States, winning the support of the few but powerful Americans. But analysts pointed out that the recent US sand relations are indeed showing signs of setbacks. Trump shouted to Saudi Arabia at a political rally on Oct. 2: "Without the protection of the United States, the Saudi regime will not last two weeks. You have to pay for the military protection provided by the United States." In response, Salman said, "Don't always say that the United States'protects'Saudi Arabia. Everything in Saudi Arabia is bought with its own money."

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