Tick trip CEO Song Zhongjie: never make a special car or express train.

Tick trip CEO Song Zhongjie: never make a special car or express train.

Xinjing News (Reporter Chen Weicheng) October 15, at the National Seminar on taxi reform and development policy, Song Zhongjie, CEO of the patrol trip, said that patrol trip will never be a special car, express car, only a network platform for patrol taxis.

Song Zhongjie, CEO of Tick Travel, introduced that Tick Travel has been established for four years, has accumulated nearly 100 million users, has opened 81 cities, an average of 70% of the driver's vehicles have entered the platform, a minute response rate of more than 70%.

"We have signed strategic cooperation in more than 10 cities (such as Nanjing, Chengdu, Hangzhou) and urban areas (such as the suburbs of Shanghai) to speed up the networking of our local taxi industry and to speed up the landing of improved service levels." Song Zhongjie said.

For the net taxi drivers to pick up the list, resulting in a low rate of short call. Song Zhongjie believes that "we can use the integration of online and offline data to develop some incentive policies, such as 10 days to accept orders within 3 kilometers short distance 20 orders, can give the driver to the railway station, go to the airport without waiting in line to receive orders directly and other ways." In addition to hard management, there are more humanized and motivational ways to improve the level of taxi service and taxi efficiency.

Song Zhongjie said that many online taxi contract platform basically take the taxi network reduction as a marginalized product or supplementary product, but this positioning is unable to undertake the entire taxi industry network reduction task. "Based on the status quo, Tick travel solemn commitment, will not do special buses, express cars, only do cruise taxi network reduction platform."

Tick trips mainly rely on taxis and downwind business. Beijing News reporter noticed that there are many platforms for online taxi booking, including drip trips, ticking trips, SAIC and other platforms have access to the network about taxi business. Recently, Hello travel also low-key online taxi business, currently open cities in Shanghai, Chengdu and Nanjing.

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