The biggest cyber attack in Iceland history: hackers posing as police cheating people

The biggest cyber attack in Iceland history: hackers posing as police cheating people

Cyren, a security manufacturer, revealed that thousands of Icelanders received phishing emails last week, hackers sent them in the name of the Icelandic police, and established official websites that could be used to fake and confuse the real world, according to media reports in Taiwan, China. Insert malicious programs and record confidential information entered by the victim. With a population of only 350,000, the attack is considered the largest cyber attack in Iceland's history.

The attack began on Oct. 6 this year, when hackers registered the name of the domain name with the intruded account, one letter short of the official website of the Icelandic police,, and threatened users with arrest if they did not comply with the rules in the mail, and then provided links from fake websites.

When a user visits a fake police website, he is asked to enter a social security code. After entering the code, the site can verify the identity of the user, thus jumping out of the user's name. The user is also asked to enter the password attached to the email to verify his or her true identity again.

So far, users almost no longer suspect, it is easy to follow the instructions on the page, download a password-protected. rar file, enter the password provided on the page, decompression will appear after a Yfirvold. exe execution file, this is a remote access Trojan horse with keyboard side logging function, after execution will start searching. Collect confidential information stored in the browser and side-record the keyboard, then upload the data to the hacker's remote server in Germany and the Netherlands.

Cyren said the malicious program specifically targeted the Icelandic public because it would check whether victims visited several of Iceland's major online banks.

The Icelandic police have identified this as the largest cyber attack to date in Iceland, and have confirmed that many of the recipients have been victims, believing it was committed by an insider, based on the text used in e-mail and websites, as well as the information of Icelandic citizens held by hackers.

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