Wumart formally takes over the convenience store next door and will focus its efforts on small shop in the future.

Wumart formally takes over the convenience store next door and will focus its efforts on small shop in the future.

At present, the neighborhood team has begun to work in Wumart.

Source: United Business Network

Author: Cui Xusheng

October 15 (today), according to the "Lianhe Business Network" learned that Wumart acquisition of neighboring convenience stores has become a foregone conclusion, the current team has begun to work in Wumart.

In fact, as early as August, it was reported that CEO Wang Lei, a neighbor convenience store, had entered Wumart. The report also said that before Wumart's "take-over", companies such as full-time, convenient bees have taken over some of the neighboring shops whose rents are due. Some suppliers also said Wumart took over about 70 neighboring stores.

Wumei Group COO Xu Shaochuan said that Wumei's target number of stores in 2019 is 260, of which 160 are small businesses. Wumart hopes to take over more than 160 stores in its neighborhood, but it will take some time to resolve the problems left over by rent and partners.

In early August this year, suppliers of Neighborhood (Beijing) Trading Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Neighborhood Convenience Store") received notifications that the company would cease all operations at its headquarters on 1 August, and that its stores would be closed one after another.

According to the official website information, the neighborhood convenience store belongs to the neighborhood (Beijing) Trading Company Limited, the company was founded on May 5, 2015. Xiang Jianan, who serves as the company's supervisor, is also a major shareholder in Beijing Wanzhuo Zhihui Trading Co., Ltd. with 40% of the shares and another 60% of the shares. He is also a member of Goldman Sachs Finance Investment Group Limited, which is invested by Zhou Boyun, founder of Shanlin Finance.

As far as convenience store business itself is concerned, neighbors officially opened up early this year, accelerating the pace of expansion of stores. The neighbours have previously disclosed that the current franchise is limited to Beijing and the number of stores has reached 168. The neighbourhood also encountered setbacks in facilitating the previous development process.

In July 2015, Wang Zi, a 7-Eleven executive in Beijing, left his job with nearly 30 managers. He started a new stove and created a brand of neighboring convenience stores. The brand has a strong flavor of Japanese convenience stores in the aspects of location selection, display characteristics, management mode, etc. All of them have a strong flavor of Japanese convenience stores, and in a year's time, he quickly laid out the stores. There are 60 stores. Neighborhood convenience was disclosed at that time, plans to open more than 200 stores in Beijing within a year, after which business expansion will radiate all the first-tier cities in the country.

However, by October 2016, Wang Zi had led some of his employees away from their neighbors and turned to the zebra-based convenience bee. At that time, the number of convenience stores nearby was only more than 80.

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