Direct attack Jingdong to build e-commerce super province plan Fujian into the first stop

Direct attack Jingdong to build e-commerce super province plan Fujian into the first stop

The evening news of Sina Technological News on October 15, Jingdong announced plans to build a "super province" for e-commerce, and Fujian became the first stop of the "super province". Jingdong Fresh will link with Fujian fresh agricultural products and other products to create a set of targeted e-commerce service solutions for Fujian Province. When the model matures, the "Super Province" plan will be packaged into products replicated in other provinces.

Ye Wei, president of Jingdong Mall Business Department, said that the "Super Province" plan means that Jingdong Shengxian will rely on the advantages of the supply chain operation of the leading industries of Jingdong Group and the intelligent logistics distribution system throughout the country, and select the provinces with good production base and abundant agricultural products resources for in-depth development through large data analysis and guidance. Cooperation, and then promote the construction of regional agricultural product brand and the construction of ecommerce ecological circle in the region. Fujian has rightly become the first stop of the Beijing East Fresh "Super Province" project.

Under the auspices of the "Super Province" plan, Jingdong Shengxian will jointly launch customized high-quality products with local governments, associations and e-commerce enterprises in Fujian Province. Through platform endorsement, organization recommendation, strict selection and in-depth user operation, Jingdong Shengxian will create IP-grade core explosives and create city-specific business cards. At the same time, Jingdong Fresh will also play its advantages in the fields of open platform, market operation, integrated marketing and advanced technology, through the closed-loop process of production, marketing and transportation, promote local economic development, stimulate local employment and promote the return of talent.

Secondly, aiming at the enterprise, Jingdong Fresh will construct an on-line and off-line product marketing and promotion system with the enterprise by means of brand empowerment, channel docking, logistics infrastructure construction and integrated marketing resource allocation, which will help the province to expand fresh product development ideas and help the businessmen to create a series of high value-added brands and products. Products. (Han Dapeng)

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