Tencent wisdom retail next city? No comment on investment convenience bee.

Tencent wisdom retail next city? No comment on investment convenience bee.

Sina Technologies News October 15 evening news, recently there are rumors that Convenience Bee recently received a large investment by Tencent and Gao Ning, this, Tencent convenient response to Sina Technologies, said no comment.

According to a report by Reddy Touch, a person familiar with the matter told Reddy. com that Convenient Bee recently received a large investment from Tencent and Gao Ning, valued at $1.6 billion, with Tencent and Gao Ning holding 8% respectively. It's worth noting that the retail brand name-brand premium product just recently announced the strategic investment of Tencent and Gao Ling.

Founded on December 21, 2016, Convenience Bee opened its first store in February 17, and then expanded in several areas of Beijing. According to the official introduction, as of February 8th, 18 stores were opened.

Later generations of the convenience store industry were founded by a group of retired senior executives from their neighborhood convenience stores, including Wang Zi, chairman and founder of the former neighborhood convenience store, and received zebra capital support. The background of zebra capital has also become one of the reasons for convenience bee's attention.

Zebra Capital was founded by Chuang Chenchao, co-founder and former CEO of Wherenet, Zhao Yilu, former CFO, and Wu Yongqiang, former CTO. Zhuang Chenchao told the titanium media earlier that zebra was fully controlled from the beginning to facilitate bees.

Instead of traditional convenience stores, convenience bees hope to improve retail services with big data and smart hardware and software. For its business, Chuang Chenchao said earlier that he did not feel like doing pure retail, but "look at it as a data business".

According to the introduction, the supply chain of convenience bees consists of self-developed fresh food, and non-fresh circulation of goods, through online App and offline stores to provide users with one-stop shopping needs. Convenient bees also launched a "bee cabinet", users can open the door through a mobile phone, take out goods, self-checkout.

Convenient bees seem to fit in with Tencent, which is planning to promote smart retailing.

In October 2017, Ma Huateng disclosed that Tencent will launch a "de-centralized" smart retail solution to help businesses rely on the "two options" dilemma. Since then, Tencent has been expanding in the retail business.

In December 2017, Tencent spent 4 billion 215 million yuan on Yonghui supermarket and got 5% stake. In January 2018, Carrefour announced that it had signed a preliminary letter of intent on equity investment with Tencent and Yonghui. In February 2018, Tencent and Jingdong jointly took a stake in Bugao Commercial Chain Co., Ltd., and Tencent gained a 6% share. And recently, the name of the top quality products also entered the Tencent camp.

On September 30, Chuangyou announced that it had signed a strategic investment agreement with Tencent and Gao Ning Capital for a total of 1 billion yuan.

Mingchuang said at the time that the investment of Tencent and Gao Ning Capital would boost its future development, enhance its capabilities in information technology, capital operation, corporate governance and other aspects, and accelerate the pace of its distribution in the smart retail sector and expansion of overseas markets. (Li Nan)

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