Net loan industry is now "warming" signs: many platforms have submitted self-reports.

Net loan industry is now

Reporter Xie Shui Wang reports from Shanghai

After the P2P lending industry turmoil, the regulatory issued a compliance inspection notice in August, a total of 108 lists of issues, the industry called "P2P lending 108". Economic reporters in the 21st century have learned from many quarters that many P2P platforms across the country have submitted self-examination reports and are awaiting on-site inspection.

"Regulation is the biggest thing in this industry." On October 15, in a gap between a financial science and Technology Forum in Shanghai, Cao Yang, chief operating officer and chief technical officer of Pleasant Loan, told 21st Century Economic Reporter that after the National Day, Pleasant Loan has submitted a self-examination report in accordance with the "P2P Internet Loan 108" and is expected to be on-site inspected by the end of October at a meeting of relevant regulatory authorities.

However, it is generally believed that the supervision of P2P lending is highly uncertain, and other measures will be introduced in succession. Further rectification plans after on-site inspection are still unclear.

However, P2P net loan industry is quite "warming" signs. A number of P2P platform people said that the trend of capital reflux, the head platform actively carry out cooperation with banks and other institutions, some platforms are also seeking to go public in the United States.

Waiting for on-site inspection

The 21st Century Economic Reporter inquired about the progress of compliance inspection of P2P platforms in major cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, etc.) and said that self-inspection reports had been submitted, but no notice of on-site inspection had been received.

Cao Yang, chief operating officer and chief technical officer of Pleasant Loan, said: "It is expected that by the end of October, the relevant regulatory departments will come to the scene to inspect, including the China Mutual Fund Association, Beijing Financial Bureau, Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission, law firms, bank internal inspectors, etc., for three to four days. According to the submitted self-inspection report, the company's operation and compliance will be inspected. "."

People from several P2P platforms in Shanghai also said: "The self-examination report has been submitted, the self-discipline inspection of Shanghai Mutual Fund Association has been completed, and then wait for on-site inspection by the regulatory authorities. It is estimated that in early November, however, the caliber of on-site inspections is not known. "

Shanghai's two head platforms have also made progress. On September 28, Point Finance said it had submitted a compliance self-examination report to the relevant departments in Shanghai, which was the first platform for Shanghai to complete the compliance self-examination and successfully submit the self-examination report.

Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou P2P platform stakeholders also said that has submitted a self-examination report, but the site inspection should not be so fast, are waiting for further regulatory notice.

Signs of "warming up"

"There is a great deal of uncertainty in regulation. After on-site inspections, it is said that the filing will start at the end of the year, but what will happen is not known. Therefore, the share price performance of P2P platform in the US is not satisfactory. Many P2P platforms believe that.

Nevertheless, the P2P net loan industry is showing signs of recovery. "But spring is far from coming." A Shanghai P2P platform said.

"Since the end of June this year, the P2P lending industry turmoil, the July fund volatility is relatively large, and then issued under the supervision of compliance inspection notice, the situation began to improve. At present, from the point of view of funds, the inflow of lenders is relatively stable; from the point of view of borrowers, although some fluctuations, but overall stable. On the one hand, a small number of borrowers know that the P2P platform has not yet been filed, deliberately do not repay the money; on the other hand, some multi-borrowers can not repay. But these conditions are slowly improving, the overall operation is good, there are not so many platforms for competition, customer cost optimization, and lower returns, capital costs also began to decline. Cao Yang said.

"Business is starting to pick up a bit, but certainly not as good as in the first half of this year, probably back to 80 percent." A Shanghai P2P platform said.

Based on this, some P2P platforms are systematically promoting business, such as actively cooperating with banks and other institutions to speed up the listing process in the United States.

Cao Yang explained: "We cooperate with the bank, not lack of money, now the lender capital inflow is more stable, but look at the advantages of complementary institutions. There are many modes of cooperation with banks, such as joint loan mode. Cooperation with other banks is also in progress. "

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