Double 11 electricity providers to promote the eve of the fight to fight a lot of Ali battle for the start of competition

Double 11 electricity providers to promote the eve of the fight to fight a lot of Ali battle for the start of competition

Reporter Wang Zhouting from Guangzhou

Double 11 is around the corner, this year's "two options" in the field of e-commerce came earlier than usual, but this time the target of the scandal is not Jingdong, but Ali Heduo. Two days after the launch of the third anniversary celebration on Oct. 8, its co-founder, Dada, denounced its rival, Tianmao, in Weixin's circle of friends.

Dada disclosed that many merchants recently reported that Tianmao "forced two choices", which led to a large number of brand merchants in the "3rd Anniversary Event" were forced to withdraw from activities, off-shelves goods, and even to request the closure of flagship stores. In addition, there are even brand merchants are being forced to issue micro-blogs by strong e-commerce platforms, alleging that the brand goods are not authentic, otherwise the merchants will not be allowed to Tianmao "double 11" resources.

For this accusation, Alibaba responded, "pure fiction", and many aspects of the fight Times reporters said that there is indeed this phenomenon, but the specific impact of the merchants difficult to count, "some merchants may silently smash teeth to swallow."

Whether it is true or false, in the promotion of electronic commerce, due to the increasingly fierce competition in the online e-commerce industry, "two options" is not uncommon, and before the advent of the "double 11" industry has also predicted that with the arrival of brand merchants, the situation may be more complex, last year has occurred "two options" incident. It is possible to evolve into "three elections".

According to Cao Lei, director of the E-commerce Research Center, the annual "6.18" and "double 11" are not only the mid-year and end-of-year contests between retail e-commerce giants, but also the main battlefield between retail e-commerce giants. Under the marketing model of relying heavily on the large platform of third-party e-commerce, businesses are forced to "choose one from two" to do so. Law, many brands are dissatisfied but helpless.

"Two election one" annual drama

In some media reports, many of the affected merchants and brand merchants, and Times reporter interviewed some of the merchants found that some of the same in Taobao and many of the merchants have not been affected. And insiders believe that the "two elections" are competing for scarce high-end brand resources.

In fact, in order to enhance the brand image, more than since the listing, and vigorously introduce brand merchants and second and third-line platform. According to the public information, Pingduo Brand Pavilion has already entered more than 500 well-known brands at home and abroad, cooperating with Gome, Netease, Dangdang, millet and so on.

Some businessmen said that in this "two-choice" in the more than some businessmen were asked to reduce the participation in the more than the forthcoming dozen activities, or Off-Shelf explosive products, or must not be lower than the price of Tianmao, or withdraw from the activities. In the industry's view, as Taobao strives to prepare for the "double 11" when more than a month to fight for more than ten activities, how much will affect the sales of Tianmao, so if Ali acts, is also justifiable.

In fact, when Pingduo has become a super e-commerce platform with 300 million users in the sinking market, its influence can hardly be ignored. And in the past July, the three-year-old Duodou went public in the United States, with a market capitalization of more than $30 billion, becoming the third largest e-commerce platform in China after Alibaba and Jingdong.

Relying on social fission and targeting price-sensitive sinking users, Gome has become the two most important tools for e-commerce. In the past, after Gome brought Panasonic, Meiling, Changhong, Mei, Skyworth, Rongsheng, Elix, Haier, Hisense, TCL, Konka and other domestic and foreign first-line brands to settle in China During the celebration period, the number of multi-platform GMV increased by more than 300% year-on-year, especially for household appliances, 3C and other categories. It can be seen that the promotion of brand will also bring more sales for spelling.

On the other hand, it is also urgent to introduce high-end brands, but this also means that growing up outside the Fifth Ring Road, Taobao will be positioned in the high-end positioning of Taobao, Jingdong Zhongzhong launch a positive battle. The industry pointed out that "two election one" is the competition for scarce brand resources.

Social networking competition

In the outside world, multi-faceted consumer users in fact to a certain extent and Taobao overlap. But compared with Taobao, which still has to pay a lot of money to get traffic, Tencent-backed Twitter can easily reach one billion users on Wechat.

Jingdong, which had access to Weixin earlier than the same period, represented by Pingduoduo, this fission-type social group mode can form a "viral" transmission, and constantly drive the growth of new users at very low cost. It is an innovation of business model combining mobile e-commerce and social media.

It is reported that on October 9, Weixin once again implemented the traffic tilt to Pingduo, Pingduo multi-small program interface for the first time into the Weixin wallet "Nine Palace Grid", and in Cao Lei's view, Pingduo is now the fission of social traffic to do the best e-commerce platform, in fact, has received 1 billion micro-credit users subtracted from 550 million e-commerce. The most incremental traffic among 450 million users with a difference between households does not exclude the possibility of increasing the "red dot promotion bit" in the future.

He also pointed out that NetEase's strict selection, Gome, millet and other brands have chosen to enter more than one big reason, not only because more than its own platform in the internal flow, but also in view of the above-mentioned micro-fission flow, "in the current market environment, the traditional centralized e-commerce platform generally encountered traffic drought. The problem of social networking is still very large.

The electricity giant has already opened up a lot of clamp ups. In March this year, in order to compete more, Ali on the application store online "Taobao special edition", mainly small low-cost goods. In addition to Ali and Jingdong, many mainstream e-commerce platforms in China have adopted the "patchwork" model, such as foreign wharf "bargaining group", Suning Easy-to-buy patchwork, Beibei Patchwork and so on thousands of small and medium-sized patchwork APP has all entered the market.

However, even though it is still difficult to reach Ali's 5.6 billion active consumers and monthly active users, the growth of the company is still good. In the first 12 months to June 30, 2018, GMV on the platforms reached 262.1 billion yuan, up 583% from the same period last year, and the average Q2 monthly live subscriber in 2018 was 195 million, up 495% from 32.8 million in the same period last year.

The impact is relatively small.

It is noteworthy that Zhang Yi pointed out to the Times Weekly reporter that the "two choices and one" staged in the fight for more may not bring the same effect as Jingdong.

It is understood that due to last year's "two options" influence, Jingdong's clothing category in the first quarter tends to stagnate. "The first quarter of last year, Jingdong clothing category growth rate reached 92%, is very high." At a teleconference on quarterly earnings this year, Liu Qiangdong argued that "two-choice-one" still has a short-term financial impact on Jingdong, but "two-choice-one" has never been a long-term competitive advantage. He said that the Jingdong management has absolute ability and confidence to solve the "two-choice-one" problem thoroughly within a certain period of time.

In fact, the damage done to Jingdong by "two choices" is not only at the GMV level, but also at the advertising level. Liu Qiangdong said that compared with the main Chinese businessmen, their GMV is not much less than Jingdong, but the advertising revenue is more than ten times that of Jingdong. It can be said that Jingdong's advertising revenue has not reached the average level of the industry, especially the clothing category, because more than half of the advertising costs come from the clothing industry, "once we have our advertising revenue." Breakthrough in clothing category, then advertising revenue will be in a high-speed growth stage in the next few years.

In Zhang Yi's opinion, the reason why Jingdong's apparel business is so affected is that its high-end positioning requires a higher brand of goods, but relatively speaking, the base users pay more attention to cost performance. Therefore, even if some brand merchants are asked to "choose one from the other", Jiduo does not face the merchants. Insufficient crisis.

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