The 800 million forces of Huai Li, the new force of the Chinese enterprises, fight for mass production.

The 800 million forces of Huai Li, the new force of the Chinese enterprises, fight for mass production.

Reporter Liu Yang from Beijing

After receiving the profit, the proton car finally got the qualification of production.

FAW Xiali announced that the company signed an agreement with Nanjing Zhixing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. on September 27 to transfer 100% of the shares of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Tianjin FAW Huali Automobile Co., Ltd. to Nanjing Zhixing at a transfer price of 1 yuan.

It is understood that the transaction and qualification transfer of the two sides also need to wait for the approval of the Tianjin SASAC. After a series of approval procedures and formalities, it is expected that Baiteng Motor will formally qualify for production in the middle of next year. However, this transaction is a crucial step in ensuring the smooth delivery of the product. Previously, Baiteng CEO and co-founder Bi Fukang said: "Baiteng will have three years of mass production, four years of annual production capacity of 300,000 vehicles." Mr Bai's initial ideas and plans are steadily advancing.

However, from PPT to mass production and sales, after all, is a very long and dangerous road, Baiteng's market performance, we still need to wait and see. At the same time, there are still a large number of companies wanting to enter the new energy automotive manufacturing industry are plagued by the problem of qualifications, Baiteng Motor came to the starting line earlier.

Bate 860 million's "bargain business"

On July 19, FAW Charlie announced that it would transfer 100% of its wholly owned subsidiary, FAW Huali, at a price not less than $1. Subsequently, FAW Xiali carried out pre-announcement, publicity and bidding procedures in Tianjin Property Rights Exchange Center in accordance with the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of State-owned Assets Trading of Enterprises.

On September 27, FAW Xiali and Nanjing Zhixing signed the Property Rights Trading Contract and the Supplementary Agreement on the Property Rights Trading Contract of Tianjin FAW Huali Automobile Co., Ltd. The transaction was formally completed. Although Baiteng told TIME that they would not respond until the formalities and procedures were formally completed. It is undeniable that for Baiteng, taking over Wally means that it will acquire full passenger vehicle production qualifications.

According to the announcement, although Baiteng bought FAW Huali for only $1, the "price" behind it is to agree to assume and pay FAW Huali employees pay 54.62 million yuan and repay 800 million yuan of debt. That puts the total cost at nearly $860 million, but it is still within the acceptable range, even a "good deal" for the new car makers. After all, the new power of every car manufacturer has been expensive to get input in production qualification. Weima Automobile's subsidiary once bought Dalian Huanghai Automobile for 1.18 billion yuan, while Zhejiang Electric Cafe Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. invested nearly 3.3 billion yuan in July to buy Xihu Automobile.

It is noteworthy that the previous purchase of Weima Dalian Huanghai Automobile qualifications can only produce SUV, excluding cars. According to industrial and commercial data, FAW Xiali's business scope covers cars, minicars, light vehicles and other types, which means that the qualifications acquired by Baiteng can produce both cars and SUV models.

The pressure is still huge.

With the purchase of a 100% stake in FAW Huali on the ground, it appears that Baiteng has cleared the biggest and last hurdle in listing its mass-produced models. In fact, the future of Baiteng is not so easy, industry analysts predict that Baiteng automotive formalities will not be completed until around May 2019, despite the current "quasi-birth certificate," but Baiteng's mass production is still a variety of unpredictable factors.

Prior to this, FAW Charlie Tung Secretaries told reporters that Wally does not have the new energy vehicle production qualifications. In other words, Baiteng in fact, with 800 million yuan in debt and pay the way employees, only to obtain the qualifications of Wally's passenger car production. Can it be able to produce new energy vehicles on schedule? In this regard, FAW Xiali-related officials told TIME that, now, the transfer of equity has been completed, everything to the new shareholders, FAW Xiali will no longer explain any problems. "We are making every effort to build factories and prepare for mass production to ensure that production is on schedule and of high quality by 2019," Byteng told TIME. In view of this, it seems that the development of the future depends on its development.

From a practical point of view, it is not that simple. In May this year, FAW Huali has entered the third batch of special announcement list of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology because of the continuous decline in operating income. According to the Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to Establish an Exit Mechanism for the Automobile Industry, the special publication period of this batch list is May 4, 2018 - May 3, 2020. During the special publicity period, the Ministry of industry and Commerce no longer accepts the new product declaration of the enterprise. After the expiration of the special publicity period, an enterprise that has not applied for the examination of the entry conditions or failed to pass the examination shall suspend its Notice of Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and Products, and shall not go through the formalities of changing its name or address or other basic conditions. As far as Baiteng is concerned, if the problem of "special public lists" is not solved properly, not only production delivery is difficult to achieve, Baiteng's previous efforts will be frustrated, and may even affect the future survival and development.

In addition, the industry has entered the shuffling stage, and the Regulations on Investment Management of Automobile Industry will be issued soon. According to the new regulations, acquisition of enterprises with existing qualifications is only allowed to produce in the province, which means that the Tianjin production qualifications acquired by Baiteng can not be produced in Nanjing, how to incorporate the Nanjing workshop into Huali's flag, also undoubtedly further increases the difficulty of Baiteng mass production. Industry insiders told TIME that after the deal, the acquisition of production qualifications for Baiteng is only the beginning of virtual implementation, followed by R&D, manufacturing, sales, and so on, there is still more to go, but Baiteng such a new automotive force choose to cooperate with the traditional large automotive group FAW depth, is also a reunion. It's good.

The new forces are in contention.

At present, among the first wave of new automotive forces, Ulara and Weima have already delivered in volume, Xiaopeng is also about to usher in a real sense of delivery. In accordance with the planning schedule of the proton, it will follow closely. Since the announcement of construction in January last year, the first phase of the construction of the Nanjing plant has exceeded half.

In April this year, Baiteng launched a vehicle trial; in October, the four major workshop will be officially completed and start manufacturing equipment stationed; next May, complete equipment installation, plant delivery, and start the production workshop project; the first mass production model of pre-production will be achieved in the first half of 2019, and will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of next year.

Overall, there is still no mass-produced product with a higher pass rate at the level of new car-making power. Weilai, Xiaopeng, Weima, Baiteng, Xinte, the United States, electric cafe and so on, all have the opportunity, whose opportunity is not particularly great. For example, although there are Jianghuai OEMs in Weilai, the days under the fence are not easy; Xiaopeng found a seahorse OEM, but also is still confused by the rate of qualified products. The next challenge for the new power automobile manufacturers will be product quality, game with supply chain suppliers, delivery scale and so on.

For Bai Teng, the qualification of passenger cars has finally been acquired, and lack of money has become a top priority. In June this year, the 500 million dollar financial assets of the B were officially landed. At this point, Bai Teng also only fused to about 5000000000 yuan, a distance from the entry fee of 20 billion yuan. In this regard, Baiteng President and co-founder Dai Lei said: "Next year around the production, will also complete the C round of financing."

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