Bel cannon said Latin America and Taiwan "break off diplomatic relations" threaten Taiwan Strait stability, China responded.

Bel cannon said Latin America and Taiwan

Original title: well known Latin American three countries and Taiwan "break off diplomatic relations" threaten the stability of the Taiwan Strait.

People's daily client news, in October 15, 2018, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang held a regular press conference.

Q: Recently, US leaders have claimed that China's persuasion of the three Latin American countries to "sever diplomatic ties" with Taiwan threatens the stability of the Taiwan Strait. What is China's comment?

A: the US side's accusation is totally wrong and confusing right and wrong. The Chinese side has expressed its position on the relevant issues many times recently. I would like to emphasize three points:

First, there is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory. This is the general consensus of the international community. The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the countries concerned on the basis of the one-China principle is not only the sovereign right enjoyed by both sides as sovereign states, but also conforms to the basic norms of international law and international relations, conforms to the historical trend, is the general trend and the aspirations of the people. It is unreasonable that the United States, which established diplomatic relations with China almost 40 years ago on the basis of the one-China principle, is now saying anything or even interfering with other countries in doing so.

Second, the "Taiwan independence" forces and their separatist activities are the biggest threat to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party authorities are trying to destroy the status quo that cross-strait relations are not state-to-state relations but belong to a country on both sides of the Straits. This not only hinders the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, but also erodes regional peace and stability. The international community should not say so. It is precisely in safeguarding the international consensus of one China that the relevant countries and the Taiwan authorities, which have destroyed the status quo in the Taiwan Strait, have severed their relations and drew a clear line between them. They have also played a positive role in the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait.

Thirdly, the United States has recently adopted a series of wrong practices on the Taiwan issue, including allowing Taiwan's leaders to "transit" the United States and announcing plans to sell arms to Taiwan. These practices seriously violate the one-China principle and the provisions of the three Sino-US joint communiques, which have contributed to the arrogance of the "Taiwan independence" forces and undermined them. It has damaged Sino US relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits.

China urges the United States to correct its mistakes, stop its official and military contacts with Taiwan, stop selling weapons to Taiwan, stop interfering unreasonably with countries that have established or wish to establish diplomatic relations with China, and effectively restrain the development of "Taiwan independence" forces so as to avoid further damage to Sino-US relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

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