Syria Foreign Minister: after receiving Russian S300 air defense system, he felt very safe.

Syria Foreign Minister: after receiving Russian S300 air defense system, he felt very safe.

[Observer Network synthesis] Russian satellite news agency reported on October 15, Syria's foreign minister Mualim said that Syria feels very safe after acquiring the S-300 air defense system.

"As far as security is concerned, we feel safe to have the S-300 and we have the right to feel more secure in the face of Israel and other aggressors," Mualim said in response to questions from reporters.

On September 17, 15 Russian soldiers were killed when Syrian air defense systems mistakenly shot down an Ir-20 reconnaissance plane of the Russian army during an Israeli air strike on Syrian targets. Russia believes that the responsibility for this tragedy lies in Israel.

Russian Defense Minister Shaugu said on the 24th that Russia will provide Syrian government forces with S-300 air defense missile system, automatic command system and electronic warfare support to enhance the Syrian air defense capabilities. Shoigu said Russia suspended supply of S-300 to Syria in 2013 at Israel's request, but the situation has changed.

Russia's defense minister also pointed out that if Syria is attacked again from the Mediterranean direction, Russian EW troops in Syria will suppress the attacker's satellite navigation signals, fighter communication systems and airborne radar. Shao Yi Gu said that the above measures were aimed at ensuring the safety of the Russian Syrian troops.

According to a previous report by Observer. com, Syrian military expert Turki Hasan believed that Israel would change its strike strategy against the country because Syrian troops were supplied with S-300 air defense missile systems.

"I think any take-off of an Israeli aircraft could now be monitored by Syrian air defense systems," Hassan said. If the aircraft invaded our airspace, they might be shot down. Therefore, Israel is likely to try to strike beyond the Syrian airspace. "

Syrian experts said: "Israel will certainly try to destroy Syria's new air defense system, may not be now, but in the near future. There is no doubt that they will adopt a new strategy that will exclude the possibility of infringing the airspace.

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