Matisse, the US defense chief, will leave Germany media: Trump does not need a gentle dog.

Matisse, the US defense chief, will leave Germany media: Trump does not need a gentle dog.

Original title: the new departure of the white house starts from Matisse? German media: Trump doesn't need a gentle dog.

"Following the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Haley, a rare'adult'Matisse in Trump's cabinet will enter the'death observation period'." Luce, a political observer for the Financial Times, was quoted as a prophecy the day after Haley's resignation. U. S. President Trump said in an open interview on the 14th that Defense Secretary Matisse may "leave" and said that this is because Matisse "to some extent like a Democrat.

"A new wave of resignations in Washington," German "Mirror" Weekly said on the 15th, Matisse may leave, means a new wave of Trump government resignations. It is not surprising that the news is not news in the Trump administration. Trump also said in an interview, "more people will leave." "I think we have a great cabinet," he said. Some people are not satisfied with me. Some people make me unhappy. But there are others who are very satisfied with me. Trump also said, "I am preparing some people to stand by now. This will be very great. They will enter the government and they will be astonishing. " Reported that Trump's cabinet reshuffle may be in the mid-term elections in the United States. In addition to Matisse, attorney general Sessi may leave, and Trump has already expressed his dissatisfaction with him.

The Huffin Post website says the Trump administration has experienced an unprecedented turnover rate compared with previous administrations. Over the past 20 months, more than 12 cabinet members have either resigned or been dismissed. CBS said Trump angrily denounced the chaotic White House reports as "false news". He said, "I am changing everything. I have the right to do so."

"Trump does not need a'gentle dog'," German "Picture" said on the 15th, Trump took office when he liked to call Matisse's nickname "mad dog", although Matisse himself did not like this. In a new book, however, Washington Post reporter Woodward reveals that Trump recently had a new nickname for his defense secretary: "Gentle Dog." Before taking over the defense secretary, Matisse was trusted by Trump for accusing Obama of his counter-terrorism strategy. After taking office, Matisse has always been a loyal soldier. But behind the scenes, Matisse tried to stop Trump's "most dangerous impulse" on Syria and Iran.

The New York Times said Trump's announcement of Matisse's departure showed a policy divide between the White House security team led by Bolton, the president's national security assistant. Bolton is an ideologically ultra conservative. He has a more solid view of diplomacy than Matisse. Affected by this, Trump also suspected that Matisse's view of the world was closer to that of the Democrats than to his.

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