Chongqing police cracked the phone fee recharge fraud case 20 thousand people were cheated

Chongqing police cracked the phone fee recharge fraud case 20 thousand people were cheated

Xinjing News (Reporter Liu Mingyang) Today (19), Xinjing News reporter from the Chongqing Public Security Bureau Banan Branch Bureau learned that the police cracked a fraud with the flag of telecom operators, inter-provincial implementation of charges to send expenses, more than 20,000 people nationwide were deceived 11 million yuan.

Posing as operator salesman door-to-door promotion

One afternoon, Mr. Zhao said, two men in suits and leather shoes knocked on the door and walked into his office, claiming to be a clerk of a telecommunications company, and recommended a very discounted call recharging activity.

Subsequently, the two "salesmen" in the introduction of business, using Mr. Zhao's SMS random password landed in the online business hall, after checking the package, told Mr. Zhao that his telephone charges are a lot, can participate in a more preferential package, and come up with "publicity materials". Mr. Zhao said that after hearing the introduction, he felt "quite professional" and then believed it.

It is understood that the "propaganda materials" on the name of the telecommunications operators, logo, after careful reading the contents of the leaflet, Mr. Zhao found that this recharge activity is indeed very preferential, so he chose to charge 1000 to send 1500 activities, Mr. Zhao's friends also recharged a number of telephone charges accordingly.

After paying the bill, two "salesmen" said they needed to download a software on their phone and call through it later. After the software was downloaded, Mr. Zhao inquired about his balance in it.

However, the second day after the incident, Mr. Zhao's network phone on the problem, each call to repeatedly dial to successfully dial, and the signal is very bad.

In addition, Mr. Zhao dialed 10086, did not find his charges to the account, aware of being deceived after the alarm.

Successful marketing reveals disappearance after fraud.

After receiving the alarm, police in Banan, Chongqing, organized the police to investigate. Police said that criminal gangs in Chongqing, Guizhou, Sichuan and other places to choose more open around the city's enterprises, factories, mines, office buildings for fraud, in Changsha and Guangzhou have special training sites.

After locating the activity, the police in Chongqing, Chengdu, Guiyang, Changsha and Guangzhou at the same time five operations, criminal detention of 49 suspects.

According to the investigation, the charges and fees of the criminal gangs are mainly realized through the network platform, but the capacity of backstage telephone lines is limited, and the calls on the network platform must be in the state of networking. And the software can be queried on the phone charges, but only a background can be changed at will a number, not found in the communications service company.

Generally speaking, the victim will discover these problems shortly after handling the business, and then ask the handling personnel, the first thing is all kinds of delays, and then no one can be found.

According to the police, the above criminal gang has perfect training mechanism and psychological counseling mechanism. Every day there is a small training, regular to Guangzhou, Changsha closed training, training content includes communication business processes, fraud in the "word" and response to alarms and queries, and so on. Most of the gang members are young people in their early twenties and thirties, including even fresh graduates. Each transaction can get a minimum 20% commission. The crime is committed in five provinces of the country. The amount involved reaches 11 million yuan, and the number of deceived is more than 20,000.

Currently, 26 of these gangs have been arrested, 23 on bail pending trial, and all members of the criminal gangs will be prosecuted.

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