FF control is not clear: dozens of employees in Beijing have filed labor arbitration.

FF control is not clear: dozens of employees in Beijing have filed labor arbitration.

Reporter: Ji Wei reports from Beijing.

In the absence of fruitless communication with Hengdong, FF Chinese employees have chosen labor arbitration to safeguard their rights.

On October 19, 21st Century Economic Reporter interviewed FF employees in China and learned that dozens of employees had initiated labor arbitration in Beijing's Chaoyang District Labor and Personnel Dispute Arbitration Commission on Wednesday. In response, FF stakeholders responded that FF will make every effort to ensure the rights and interests of nearly 2000 employees around the world.

With the continuous expansion of events, the contradiction between FF employees and Hengda has been intensifying. In response to the incident, Evergrande said publicly that this part of the staff did not renew any labor contract with Evergrande Faraday, and has not yet reached the company's pay date, there is no stopping pay.

An FF insider told 21st Century Economic Reporter: "Evergrande and FF Chinese employees have had two labor transfers in succession. In June, most of the people in Beijing moved from FF China, the main body of Party A, to Ruiyu, the company, but the content of the employee contract has not been changed. However, in mid-August, Evergrande sent its personnel team to Beijing to negotiate a second contract transfer, which included job change and salary structure. But most people can not accept the second relocation agreement, although Hengda made some concessions, such as technology, research and development personnel can retain the original work site.

From the point of time of the incident, the conflict between FF and Hengda broke out. It is understood that on the evening of October 7, Evergrande Health announced that FF used its right to control Smart King in most of its directors'seats, demanding payment in the absence of contract payment, and using this as an excuse to submit arbitration at the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center on October 3, demanding that Evergrande be deprived of its enjoyment as a shareholder. The right to agree to financing and to terminate all agreements and deprive Evergrande of the rights under relevant agreements.

FF believes that the only reason for the termination of all FF agreements is that Evergrande failed to fulfill its intentions and subsequently refused to pay the agreed funds. This is the most basic and common-sense issue of fairness - Hengda should not refuse to pay the funds on the one hand, on the other hand, enjoy the rights and interests after the supplementary agreement takes effect, including taking over most of FF China's management rights.

It is understood that on August 14, Evergrande Faraday Future Smart Automobile (China) Group held the opening ceremony in Guangzhou Evergrande Center, but FF China Public Relations Department did not know, such as the middle mentioned to 2025, to achieve an annual output of 5 million vehicles, these are not communicated with FF China, completely finalized by Evergrande.

According to the insider, Evergrande has been fighting for control of FF since investing in FF, and the dispute with FF employees in China is only a microcosm. If employees do not agree to the contract given by Evergrande, they can only choose to leave their jobs, but will give some compensation, however, some employees have objections to specific compensation measures. At present, FF Chinese employees have to choose labor arbitration to safeguard their rights in the absence of fruitless communication with Hengdong.

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