Foreign media commentary on China and ASEAN 10 maritime military exercises: weakening US influence in the South China Sea

Foreign media commentary on China and ASEAN 10 maritime military exercises: weakening US influence in the South China Sea

ASEAN countries will implement the world's first multilateral code of conduct for air-to-air encounters of military aircraft in order to reduce the risk of misjudgment and avoid conflict. The 12th ASEAN Defense Ministers'Meeting was held in Singapore on the same day. The Member States signed a joint declaration after reaching consensus on defense, including this code of conduct. This set of guidelines sets out how air forces of various countries should communicate and interact when they meet accidentally in the air to avoid friction. Reported that this is similar to the memorandum of understanding signed by the United States and China on the code of conduct for the safety of air encounters, but there is no multilateral code of conduct for air encounters of military aircraft in the world so far.

Hong Kong's "South China Morning Post" said the "code of conduct for air-to-air encounters" was designed to avoid accidents in disputed waters and guide fighter aircraft flying over the South China Sea. Washington and Beijing were urged to accept the code of conduct. Singapore's Defense Minister Huang Yonghong said at a press conference on the 19th that the matter will be discussed at the dialogue between ASEAN Defense Ministers and regional partners on the 20th. Reported that last year's ASEAN dialogue countries agreed to a similar criterion to control the encounter at sea.

Singapore's Asia News Agency said the move was aimed at controlling unexpected encounters in disputed areas such as the South China Sea. However, it is unclear how effective this guideline of non-legally binding and voluntary air encounters is. In response, Huang Yonghong said: "They are like seatbelts, although they can not guarantee your absolute safety, but at least provide some protection."

On the same day, Huang Yonghong also talked about the first naval maneuver between China and ASEAN countries, saying it will help build trust and confidence. The exercise will be held from 22 to 28 in Zhanjiang, China and its offshore waters. Agence France-Presse said some observers believe the exercise is one of China's efforts to weaken U.S. influence in the region. Apparently to address this concern, Huang Yonghong also said that ASEAN is planning to hold its first naval exercise with the United States next year. According to the Joint Morning Post, the United States is currently conducting naval exercises with individual ASEAN member states, and it is rare to have such exercises with the whole ASEAN.

At a regular press conference on the 19th, foreign media said that China would prevent signatories and non-ASEAN countries from conducting joint military exercises, as mentioned in the draft consultative text of the South China Sea Code of Conduct, unless other members agreed, and asked whether "China's action is intended to prevent the United States and other countries from conducting joint military exercises with ASEAN countries." ? " In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said that according to the consensus of China and ASEAN countries, under the joint efforts of all parties, the draft "South China Sea code of conduct" has formed a single draft consultation text as the basis for consultation. It is hoped that all parties will respect the efforts of China and ASEAN countries to negotiate regional rules and maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, instead of making too much speculation.

According to Yonhap news agency, South Korean Defense Minister Zheng Jingdou held a meeting with Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe in Singapore on the 19th, and the two sides decided to set up a direct telephone line between the air forces of the two countries. At present, the air forces of the two countries only have a direct telephone connection between the commands of the Chinese local military command and the South Korean combat command.

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