Long rental apartment star "see" suspected funding strand breaks

Long rental apartment star

October 16, long-term apartment brand "see" several Shanghai tenants told reporters that during the normal performance of their lease contract, the landlord suddenly rushed to the door, because the debtor see assets management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: see capital management) no longer pay rent.

Apartments belong to Shanghai Small Apartment Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: small apartment technology), was established in 2014. According to its official website, apartment technology is now located in Shanghai and East China, with 43 stores, more than 20,000 open houses and more than 30 billion yuan in management assets. The asset management platform is a small holding technology holding asset management platform.

At this time, less than two months from August long-Rent apartment merchant Hangzhou Dingjia Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Where did the rent go?

"The other day, the landlord suddenly came to the door, saying that they had not received the rent for two months, and asked us to refund the rent." Apartment apartment tenant Wang Yiping told the Economic Observer newspaper reporter. He estimates that if he is forced to withdraw his rent now, he will lose two months'deposit and five months' consumer loans, totaling more than $10,000. He was worried that if he stopped paying the loan after he retired, there would be a risk of "dishonesty".

There were hundreds of people who had similar experiences with Wang Yiping. At present, the main problems of tenants'reaction are: the rent is not full and will be forced to check out, the late check-out can not get the deposit, the binding instalment can not be lifted, after the check-out is still forced to pay, and the landlord "knock at the door all the time". Among these people, there are many tenants who have already paid one year's rent in advance.

According to the electronic materials provided by Wang Yiping, he signed a one-year lease contract with the apartment. The payment method is two-to-one mortgage. Besides the first month's rent, the monthly payment is about 1500 yuan to the third-party online loan platform Yuanbao e's home. The rental area is called Huijun Haitangyuan, located in Shanghai Pudong New Area Pudong Road and Gaobo Road intersection northeast side, has been paid for 7 months.

The landlord who drives the tenants to the house is in fact no way to collect debts.

At the end of September, 2018, the monthly rent paid by the apartment did not arrive on schedule. At the urging of the elderly at home, Li Qiang began to urge the apartment to pay. In the absence of a number of official channels of telephone communication, Li Qiang found the apartment headquarters on Qinzhou North Road in Xuhui District, only to find that the rent was in arrears, and many people were in arrears in early September.

At the end of 2016, Li Qiang handed over a two-bedroom, one-bedroom apartment for the elderly to the apartment for 2700 yuan a month. The lease is exempt from rent for the first three months after signing for five years, and the price for the first three years will remain unchanged. The fourth and fifth years will be raised according to a certain proportion.

Li Qiang said that the reason for choosing apartments at that time was that the price offered by similar platforms and mushrooms was not higher than that offered by apartments, and that many landlords chose apartments under the guidance of property because apartments were set up as early as possible to solicit business in the community and the property company that served Huijun Begonia Garden at that time seemed to have a cooperative relationship. Apartment.

After the National Day holiday in 2018, tenants and landlords went to see their apartment headquarters for many times. According to a number of tenants, the apartment's response is: the future of the company or will be taken over by young customers, whether the specific line is still under discussion. During this period, the tenant can decide whether to cancel the lease contract according to his wishes. However, rental deposits are difficult to return, the company is actively communicating with the bank, but does not promise to be exempt from "rental loans." The Economic Observer newspaper verified the above information to the former apartment staff.

It is worth noting that on the evening of October 16, more than a dozen tenants reported to reporters that Yuanbao E and other leasing companies raided the same night to deduct money, apartment to the tenants issued timely withdrawal of bank-bound cash tips.

On October 17, a large number of tenants surrounded Lin Xiaosen, vice chairman of Xiaoyu Technology, in the Economic Crime Investigation Detachment of Xuhui District where the apartment is located. Live video shows that Lin Xiaosen immediately expressed that he was in the process of communicating with other long-term apartment service platforms, such as Qingke, and was also actively communicating with the rental and loan companies on debt transfer issues, hoping that the parties to give communication processing time.

Qingke is a subsidiary of Shanghai Qingke Equipment Rental Co., Ltd. which was founded in Shanghai in 2012, mainly engaged in housing sales, leasing and custody business.

Signs appear early.

In 2014, Cheng Yuan, an investment manager, co-founded apartments with four people from Anjuku, Hanting Hotel, Popular Review and an online travel listed company.

According to public information, apartment buildings received three rounds of financing from March 2014 to March 2015, in which the star investor was Lei Jun's Shunwei capital, and the rest included Danfeng Huaxing and Joint Venture.

During the National Day of 2017, the apartment for young people used to be a shelter for "dreamers from other places" in Shanghai, and appeared in the CCTV financial column "Where's the time gone". In April 2018, at the China Long-Rent Apartment Industry Co-Innovation and Development Summit held in Shenzhen, Apartments also ranked 20th in TOP30.

The problem of seeing apartment seems to have been traced. By July 2018, the apartment had 13 public appearances in civil disputes involving defendants, 11 of which were after the second half of 2017.

In January 2018, Shanghai Kelingning Cleaning Company applied to the People's Court of Xuhui District of Shanghai City for freezing the deposit of 3491,100 yuan or seizing its equivalent property.

On September 14, the Shanghai Municipal Consumer and Insurance Commission issued a report entitled "The number of complaints about intermediary services in long-Rent apartments has increased sharply, highlighting the potential market risks." From 2018 to the date of issue, some intermediary agencies in Shanghai complained 730 cases of breach of the deposit refund agreement. Among them, more than 300 people reported that apartment assets had not returned their deposits within the stipulated time limit of "15 working days". Apartments also responded negatively to consumer demands, delaying for an average of three months.

On October 16, several apartment employees told the Economic Observer that wage arrears had lasted for more than a month and a half, and that the number of employees who had been in arrears for more than 200 had also dropped sharply to half.

The apartment was essentially closed down, and the company had a lot of bad assets, affecting banks, according to a young guest employee. Shanghai City Construction Commission and CCB and other mediators hope that green customers can receive part of the integration business. Only when all the landlords in the apartment have finished handing over can the young people consider the tenant's placement.

According to part of the landlord, the condition is: the landlord terminated the apartment rental contract with the apartment, and then according to the rent-free March, the rental period of five years, and the rent is not higher than the apartment before the standard, on this basis to re-sign the contract. This is not very friendly to many landlords with one or two years' expiry.

Where is the crux of the problem?

Wang Yiping's lease contract is similar to most long-term apartments in that the tenant pays one month's rent, deposit and service fee in the first installment, and the remaining amount is divided into 11 months of small loans, which are returned to the lender in monthly installments.

It is understood that apartment funds are also operating in the same way as most of the decentralized long-term apartments: the platform side uses the rental loans from the lending institutions to the tenants for high-speed housing expansion or other capital operations. In the absence of strict wind control, this model has the liquidity risk caused by the mismatch of capital maturity and misappropriation.

Industrial and commercial data show that the main shareholders of Xiaoyu Technology are: Lin Xiaosen, Cheng Yuan, Yu Cheng Business Consulting Center, Yu Guo Business Consulting Center, Yu Yi Business Consulting Center, YUJ PARTNERS LIMITED, Ceyuan III YHHK Limited, Shun-wei Ventures II (Hong Kong) Limited (Shun for capital). ). Among them, the actual control of Cheng Yu, Yu Guo and Yu Yi is Cheng Yuanyuan and Lin Xiaosen. This means that in addition to early investors and major founders, there is no other capital access to Xiao Yu technology.

According to a number of tenants to provide the contract, Huijun Haitangyuan District, for example, 10 square meters of a single room, the monthly rent in 1000 yuan to 1500 yuan. According to Yan Yuejin, director of research at the think-tank center of the E-housing Research Institute, the rent disclosed by the apartment is about 500 yuan lower than the average market price. The reason is that, in addition to the remote location, the actual area, decoration and publicity or discrepancies, there are also low-cost consumers to attract, borrow credit to make money possible.

However, it is noteworthy that just on September 27, 2018, Lin Xiaosen and Cheng Yuan also set up Shanghai Suilin Apartment Management Co., Ltd. with a pledge of 9.9 million yuan and 100,000 yuan respectively. The company's main business: property management, real estate brokerage services, Hotel management, Housing leasing operations, leasing of their own equipment.

In addition, the Economic Observer reporter on the apartment fund issue repeatedly dialed his business disclosure phone, hang up many times and then through text messages to indicate identity and interview intent, to this article, no reply. At the same time, he also called Cheng Yuan Office Office for many times. (Wu Xiaofei)

(respondents should ask Wang Yiping and Li Qiang to be aliases)

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