Modern Express responds to win today's headlines National Copyright Office responded: it is a good case.

Modern Express responds to win today's headlines National Copyright Office responded: it is a good case.

Source: Legal Evening News, opinion news (reporter Geng Xueqing)

In October 21st, the seventh China International Copyright Fair officially closed. At the meeting, Yu Cike, director of the copyright management department of the State Copyright Administration, said in an exclusive interview with the reporter of the Legal Evening News that the case "is a good precedent for standardizing network reprinting" in response to the recent case of Modern Express winning today's headlines and the court's final judgment that the byte-beating company compensated the economic loss of Modern Express.

"Modern express to win today's headlines" is a good case.

Modern Express, as the first case of "traditional media suing for illegal reprinting by network media", sued Beijing Byte Jump Technology Co., Ltd. which belongs to the headline today for copyright infringement. The case lasted for three years and was finally decided on the 8th of this month. Jiangsu Provincial Higher People's Court rejected the appeal and the Byte Jump Company was transferred without authorization. The 4 articles of modern express must compensate for the economic loss of 100 thousand yuan.      

According to the Modern Express, this is by far the highest amount of compensation for illegal reprinting of traditional media original news articles. In this regard, Yu Cike, director of the copyright management department of the State Copyright Administration, said in an interview with an evening reporter in France that the case "is certainly a good precedent for regulating network reprinting".  

Yu Cike said, at present, respecting and protecting network copyright has become the industry consensus. For Internet enterprises, the protection of intellectual property rights is to protect their business environment, so that enterprises can be long-term, bigger and stronger, which is the corporate social responsibility. For publishing units, they should actively adapt to the impact and impact of the network on traditional publishing, make their own new choices in the new environment, and complete the new mission.  

Constantly strengthening the work of cracking down on Internet piracy and piracy

Yu Cike introduced that the next step, the State Copyright Administration will further strengthen the network copyright protection efforts to promote the prosperity of the copyright industry.

The first is to constantly strengthen the work of cracking down on Internet piracy. Yu Cike said that in July this year, the State Copyright Administration, together with the Central Network Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, launched a special campaign against Internet piracy "SwordNet 2018". The Internet has become the main battleground for copyright protection. Under the current task situation, "SwordNet Action" should further tilt to the traditional publishing field, strengthen the protection of traditional publications, and create an open, standardized, honest and secure network trading environment.

Yu Ci said that the State Copyright Administration will give full play to the advantages of various departments, such as Internet correspondence, communications, public security, procuratorates, courts, and "cracking down on pornography and illegal practices", and guide all localities to further strengthen administrative penalties for infringement of piracy, do a good job of criminal justice linking up, and close a number of illegal websites for infringement and piraction. The right holders and the obligee organizations are welcome to make complaints about rights protection.

Actively promoting network copyright protection and social co governance

Second, we should actively promote copyright protection and social co governance. Yu said that intellectual property protection is a complex and systematic project, which requires not only the improvement of laws and regulations, but also the participation of the whole society.

He expressed the hope that the copyright protection alliances would take the lead in respecting copyright, give full play to the coordination and co-ordination role of the alliance, and actively help and represent the members of the alliance to carry out rights protection. It is hoped that the Alliance Secretariat will strengthen its efforts to actively discover and complain about clues to infringement and piracy cases, assist copyright administrative law enforcement departments in finding clues and collecting evidence, and jointly crack down on various types of infringement and piracy.

In the future, the State Copyright Administration will further guide network enterprises to strengthen copyright self-discipline and standardize copyright management, promote copyright cooperation between network platform and obligees (organizations) and copyright-related associations (associations), take into account the reasonable demands of obligees, merchants, trading platforms, consumers and other different subjects, and jointly build a government. The pattern of copyright protection is composed of government supervision, enterprise self management, industry self-discipline and public supervision.

Publishing alliance signs copyright protection plan with ALI

Traditional publishing units and Internet companies are not "incompatible". This morning, the Anti-Piracy Alliance of the 15th Beijing Press signed a contract with Alibaba on the book copyright protection program. The two sides will take the initiative to prevent and control online pirated book sales according to laws and regulations, using platform technology and publishing house data. When the publisher of the project submits the relevant information to the platform, it can protect the copyright of books and crack down on piracy.   

"Today's signing is an effective exploration of the copyright protection mechanism of the e-commerce platform." Yu Cike pointed out that the current contradictions and disputes in the field of Internet copyright are still serious. It is still a long-term, complex and arduous task to protect intellectual property rights and combat copyright infringement and piracy. The pattern of copyright protection combined with industry self-discipline and public supervision.

Data show that online sales have become an important driving force to pull the book market as a whole, and in 2016 for the first time exceeded the scale offline. "Over the years, our cooperation with Ali has played a very good exemplary role in maintaining the copyright of the alliance units and regulating the network trading environment." On the scene of the signing ceremony, Huang Qiang, chairman of the anti-piracy alliance of the 15th edition of the Beijing edition and President of the People's Education Publishing House, said.

Zheng Junfang, Alibaba's chief platform administrator, said the copyright protection program is also an attempt by Alibaba to actively cooperate with publishers and private booksellers through in-depth cooperation, based on mutual information exchange, comprehensive use of online prevention and control, offline counterfeiting and other means, to jointly solve the problem of piracy and other new books just issued for decades. Hard to solve the industry problems.   

It is reported that in addition to more than ten publishing houses such as the People's Education Publishing House, the Higher Education Publishing House and the Commercial Publishing House within the anti-piracy alliance of the 15th edition of the Beijing edition, well-known private booksellers such as Luo Jizhi and the Yangtze River New Century have also entered the program.

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