Tesla official website "full automatic driving" option

Tesla official website

In the morning of October 21, Beijing time, Sina Technological News reported that Tesla had removed the long-standing "full-automatic driving" option from the company's official website's booking page.

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, said on Twitter that the option "caused a lot of confusion" for customers and would temporarily "remove it from the menu". Tesla declined to comment.

Three years ago, Musk announced that Tesla's cars would be fully automatic by 2017 without human intervention. Two years ago, Musk announced that every car in the future would be equipped with the necessary hardware to achieve this goal. Over the past few years, Tesla has positioned the upcoming breakthrough on its website as a new car selection feature that users can use with a few thousand dollars and a little patience.

However, Tesla gradually weakened these commitments. Recently, Musk acknowledged that the company needed new hardware, especially a new artificial intelligence chip, to upgrade its on-road vehicles to fully automate driving. Even so, some industry insiders believe Tesla lacks a key part of a complete autopilot puzzle. Tesla failed to live up to Musk's original expectation of full-automatic driving by 2017 and extended it by at least a year. Tesla is currently playing down full-automatic driving as a whole, raising questions about the company's important goal.

Rob Enderle, a technology industry analyst at Enderle Group, said: "There are many problems with the way Tesla drives itself." He points out that Tesla has used the term Autopilot for years to refer to autopilot technology, but in fact the company's cars are now able to drive automatically only in very special circumstances and require constant supervision from drivers. (Qiu Yue)

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