Tiger global set up the $3 billion 750 million technology venture capital fund this year.

Tiger global set up the $3 billion 750 million technology venture capital fund this year.

Sina Technologies News Beijing on the morning of October 22, tiger global has just raised $3.75 billion for the newly established venture capital fund, exceeding the initial target of $3 billion, making it one of the largest funds of its kind this year.

The fund is Tiger Global's 11th venture capital fund, known as Private Investment Partners XI, and focuses on investing in consumer Internet, cloud computing, industry software, and direct consumer-oriented businesses in China, India and the United States. After about 6 weeks of publicity, the fund completed its fundraising in October 15th.

"We think the Internet is the core theme of economic development in this era." The fund wrote in its investor profile that "it is difficult to beat the market without allocating some of its assets to this sector."

Investors eager for excess returns are flooding into venture capital, which also allows more successful start-ups to gain access to more private capital without having to rush to go public.

According to the latest analysis, a large proportion of venture capital raised by US technology start-ups in the third quarter came from "super-round" financing of $100 million or more, which also stimulated US venture capital financing to reach $28 billion, up 17%.

The U.S. market raised more than $500 million in six transactions in the third quarter of this year, with two more than $1 billion: one for Softbank's investment in shared office provider WeWork and one for Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund PIF's acquisition of Lucid Motors.

According to data provider Preqin, Tiger Global is one of the largest venture capital funds to raise money this year. In addition, the Yunfeng Fund III, which completed a $2.5 billion fund-raising in July, and the Male Safety Ball Block Chain Innovation Fund, which completed a $1.6 billion fund-raising in April, are also large. Sequoia Capital also raised $6 billion for a global fund in June, but failed to meet expectations of $8 billion. (I. M. I. M. I. M. I.)

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