Does a good sign cost more than a few dozen dollars to the end?

Does a good sign cost more than a few dozen dollars to the end?

A beautiful number spent tens of dollars, is it worth it?

Source: IT times

Reporter: Wang Xin

"Liang Ping Ping" has become the headline topic of communications recently.

Recently, the industry and Commerce Department of Anhui Province bombarded three major telecom operators, saying that they forced consumers to attach unreasonable conditions such as minimum monthly consumption and high pre-deposited telephone charges when choosing to use these numbers, suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law and infringing on consumers'right of independent choice and fair trade.

"No consumption should be added to Liang Hao!" "Every consumer has the fair right to get a good number". Netizens have praised Anhui's industrial and commercial activities.

At this point, we turn to recall which of our friends is enviable. It's not necessarily the rich, but the older users of carriers, such as China Mobile's 139 mobile phone number, who use it as respectfully as QQ numbers below six digits, or the first iPhone users in China, who usually have a good 186 number, or the first Sky Wing users of China Telecom's 189 launch.

As a result, mobile phone numbers are not as concentrated in the hands of individual wealth boomers as license plates do, but more scattered in the "civilian", usually when the first batch of users get the number.

Before we know if operators are really depriving communication users of their right to choose a beautiful number, let's make a hypothesis, assuming that the beautiful number is completely "equal rights", pure free or official auction, what will happen? Believe me, you don't dare to think about the style of the mobile phone.

Spike version. This is the easiest to associate with, like the "Double Eleventh" discount products, operators designated on-time release of beautiful numbers, all consumers through the Internet fair second kill. What is the result of such a result? Beauty is likely to be killed in batches by cattle software seconds, or even monopoly, after the exotic goods can be sold to users at a high price, all those who attempt to snatch the name by hand, are basically "cannon fodder".

Head incense plate. The operator announces that there will be a number of good sellers on a certain day, and consumers can purchase them at designated locations. So, like the New Year's temple, you have to line up early, hours are trivial, 24 hours is the starting price, if there is a six-digit serial number, the cattle must be two weeks ahead of time on the tent occupied. At this point, the beautiful number has become a must, iPhone listing is not a thing.

Auction version. Believe me, it's a result you don't want to see more. There are three ways to sell a good number. One is Sotheby's art auction, where the price is too high to buy a bypass. The other is Shanghai license plate auction, where the current market invites the cattle to bid for 10,000 yuan. The third way is Beijing license plate rolling. Precious is the confidence left in the shaking.

If the above methods are not acceptable, then what are the telecom operators doing now?

According to a survey conducted by the People's Post and Telegraph, most of the selected beautiful numbers on the official websites of China Telecom are reserved telephone charges of 400 yuan, with a minimum monthly consumption of 89 yuan; China Mobile has different minimum commitment consumption and commitment periods according to the number levels of global communications and dynamic zones; China Unicom's official websites provide AAA, AABB and 6668 yuan. Such as Liang Hao section, and shows 0 pre deposit, there are corresponding consumption requirements.

It can be seen that China's telecom operators have generally formulated the "Beautiful Number" rules for mobile phones, and most of their minimum monthly consumption is equal to the mainstream monthly package fee.

In foreign countries, the control methods for Liang Hao are also different. Similar to China, the U.S. and Japanese telecom operators have allowed subscribers to choose a preferred number in their pools after a set meal, and some Western Asian countries have allowed mobile phone numbers to be auctioned. Tuhao spent nearly three million dollars on the number.

In fact, consumers are most concerned about whether operators have the name of "slaughtering customers". If operators charge far more than the mainstream telecommunications package, and set various consumer thresholds and barriers, then the consumer and Business Bureau boards must hit the telecom operators; if the old user package with the beautiful number expires, operators force users to upgrade the package on the grounds of the beautiful number, then it must be operation. Businessmen's fault; if carriers have tied up an "indefinite" package that expires on December 31, 2009 for the number of users, it's certainly the carrier's fault.

The responsibility of telecom operators is to maintain good signal resources, crack down on cattle and the illegal occupation of high-quality number resources. Reasonable rental order of signal is a pleasure to all. The right to choose must be given to consumers, otherwise users will not agree to say anything.

Finally, to answer the question, if you need to spend at least a few dozen yuan a month on communications in order to get a good number, is it worth it?

First of all, the number resources are national, authorized to operators, mobile phone numbers do not involve property rights, users only have the right to use. The role of mobile phone users is actually the number users and temporary managers. At the legal level of our country, there is no basis for "quality number resources". Similarly, Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries have explicitly prohibited the number of transactions, users have no right to transfer, sell telephone numbers.

But for any average consumer in the world, who doesn't want a phone number that he likes and likes?

My fair lady, the gentleman is good; I am glad to be beautiful, so I will wait for it.

Ceng Jianqiu, a professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, once said, "numbers are limited resources. Some lucky numbers will be sold at a relatively high price. Just as a car's license plate will sometimes be auctioned, it will make it valuable.

According to the jurisprudence of the local court of our country this year, mobile phone number has become a special service that can be inherited, that is, the memorable mobile phone number used by father can be inherited and used by children. I think it's a good thing that people can be more daring to pour their feelings into their mobile phone numbers until there's no deadline.

If you encounter a favorite cell phone number, which includes birthday, anniversary, lucky numbers and so on, why not choose it when economic conditions permit?

A beautiful and meaningful character, you deserve all your life.

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