Hungry for cooperation with Watsons? 2500 stores are hungry at the end of the year.

Hungry for cooperation with Watsons? 2500 stores are hungry at the end of the year.

Sina Science and Technology News October 22 afternoon news, hungry recently announced that Watsons reached a deep partnership. Watson sells nearly 1,700 items from more than 10,000 items, including cosmetics, daily emergencies, and toiletries. At present, Watsons has nearly 1,600 stores on the hungry platform, covering 230 cities across the country, is expected to complete the off-line 2,500 stores online by the end of the year.

It is understood that in March this year, hungry and Watsons began to prepare for cooperation, plans to build online and offline full coverage network, explore new retail beauty plate. In mid and late July, some Watson's stores in Guangzhou began to pilot. After more than a month of exploration and operation, the turnover in September increased by more than 115% compared with the previous month.

According to the person in charge of hungry mothers, in June 2018, Watsons and hungry mothers have docked the platform systems of both sides, opening up the order push, logistics status, inventory data and other online and offline integrated intelligent systems. Over the past two months, Watson has been on the line at an average of 800 homes a month, covering more users and preparing for the Tianmaoshuang 11.

Earlier this year, Watsons, a rookie, jointly launched a "timed arrival" service. More than 200 Watsons stores turned into "front warehouses" to deliver goods to consumers within 3 kilometers of the Internet, with the fastest delivery time of 2 hours. Hungry, it is said that Watsons should join hands to shorten the service experience to 1 hours.

Kunyang, president and CEO of Ali Local Living Services Co., said that the core of the future competition in the local living services market is ecological capacity. "What is needed is a comprehensive and sustained empowerment of businesses to promote the rapid growth of the market. We not only see the advantages of our own synergies, but also the ability to mobilize resources to maximize synergies and ultimately benefit more users. (Zhang Jun)

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