ARM launches new Internet of things operating system Mbed Linux OS

ARM launches new Internet of things operating system Mbed Linux OS

Sina Technologies News October 22 afternoon news, according to media reports in Taiwan, China, ARM recently launched a new Internet of Things operating system Mbed Linux OS.

ARM says the goal of introducing Mbed Linux OS is to build the basic modules of IoT products so that other vendors can concentrate on developing high-value-added features. In addition, the operating system is also deeply integrated with the home Internet of Things management platform Pelion, enterprise users can directly implement device build, update, and ensure that equipment connectivity is normal.

Since 2014, ARM has launched its own Internet of Things platform, Mbed OS, servers and microcontrollers.  

ARM said that Mbed Linux OS not only continues the characteristics of Mbed OS, but also uses Cortex-A architecture. At the same time, Mbed Linux OS adopts open source release and integrates Linux Kernel and Yocto solutions. As the cost-effectiveness of Cortex-A increases, even Internet of Things devices may be able to handle more complex applications in the future. As a result, in addition to increasing service availability, the enterprise can also reduce the number of devices deployed in a marginal environment.

This new Internet of Things operating system is also in line with the container technology commonly used by developers, and applications can be packaged through compatible open container standards (OCI) containers. Mbed Linux OS can be integrated with the continuous integration and testing process within the enterprise to speed up the deployment of Internet of Things applications. In addition, individual development teams within the enterprise can independently update the operating system and firmware for different application requirements.

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