Aliyun accelerate the expansion of overseas markets, the official opening of the British district

Aliyun accelerate the expansion of overseas markets, the official opening of the British district

Sasa Liu Jia

[In the second quarter of 2018, AWS had a 34% market share in the global cloud services market (including IaaS, PaaS and private cloud hosting services), higher than Microsoft (14%), IBM (8%), Google (6%) and Aliyun (4%) combined.

[The UK and Germany's cloud computing markets in 2018 were $7.9 billion and $7.4 billion, respectively, second only to the US. ]

Following the establishment of the first European data center in Germany in 2016, Aliyun accelerated the expansion of the European market, 22 announced the establishment of a data center in the United Kingdom, with the global cloud service hegemony Amazon AWS to launch a positive competition.

It is reported that Aliyun UK provides services mainly to meet the needs of British local, European and Chinese sea customers, online cloud computing products include flexible computing, cloud storage, database, network, security, management, application services. The UK dual availability area will also provide higher level disaster recovery and data security services at the same time.

Wang Yeming, president of Aliyun International Business, said: "Aliyun UK regional service can meet the rapid growth of cloud computing technology needs in Europe. Based on artificial intelligence, the latest data center can provide customers with a variety of functions from machine learning to predictive data analysis.

According to IDC, the market for Cloud Computing in the UK and Germany in 2018 was second only to the US, with $7.9 billion and $7.4 billion respectively. Currently, Aliyun operates 52 available areas in 19 regions around the world, including Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and the Middle East, covering the five largest cloud computing markets in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and China.

Tony Lock, an analyst at Freeform Dynamics, an IT industry research firm, believes that as the global cloud computing market continues to evolve, companies'products, technologies and services are becoming increasingly sophisticated. "Ali cloud" is an important milestone in the UK. For the market, European, Middle East, African enterprises have an important global cloud choice opportunities.

In addition to the data center, Ali Yun has recently made many moves in Europe. In July, Aliyun unveiled the EMEA Ecosystem Partner Program for Europe, the Middle East and Africa to further strengthen cooperation with ecological partners. Intel, Accenture, Hashicorp, Ecritel, Altran, Micropole, Linkbynet and other industry leaders were among the first participants in the project.

Aliyun has previously been reported to be challenging AWS's position in Europe by negotiating a cloud services partnership with British Telecom. However, Ali declined to comment.

In 2016, Ali opened its first data center in Europe in Germany, officially landed in Europe, and announced a strategic partnership with Vodafone, the telecom operator, to provide cloud computing services for Europe. At the time, Amazon and Microsoft already had data centers in the European market, but had no alliance with local technology companies.

In addition to London, the company opened data centers in Mumbai, India, and Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2018, according to

Previous data from Canalys showed that AWS had 34% market share in the global cloud services market (including IaaS, PaaS and private cloud hosting services) in the second quarter of 2018, higher than Microsoft (14%), IBM (8%), Google (6%) and Ariyun (4%) combined.

Industry insiders told reporters that there is still a gap between Aliyun and AWS in terms of product richness and product experience. At home, as a pioneer of China's cloud computing market, Ali cloud has gained a lot of market share. But how can Ali cloud challenge AWS and Microsoft Azure in the international market?

Aliyun executives have previously told First Financial Reporter that when Aliyun first promoted in the international market, even no one was interested in Aliyun, until invited many overseas companies to visit China, coupled with years of technology accumulation and actual verification, Ali's cloud technology to make them "surprised".

Europe is a step-by-step market, where companies have mostly rigorously experienced the traditional IT information architecture, with a natural acceptance of cloud computing. Aliyun is here to face the competition of Amazon, Microsoft and other cloud businesses, in addition to building a local market team, but also joint partners such as Vodafone, Intel to promote the use of cloud computing enterprises. Completing global market coverage is the first step of Aliyun's internationalization, and establishing a local market, service and ecological partnership system to truly serve the local market is the second step of its internationalization.

Speaking of competition, Ali Yun told reporters earlier that it took more than 10 years for Amazon AWS to achieve today, and it is difficult for Ali Yun to set a time point to catch up with it in terms of volume. He believes that cloud computing is still in the process of jointly opening up the offline market, and it is not time to face-to-face competition, because even in this era of rapid cloud computing, companies spend only 10% of total IT spending on cloud computing.

Cloud computing contributed $4.698 billion to the group's revenue in the first quarter of fiscal year 2019 (April-June 2018), up 93% from the same period a year ago, benefiting from high value-added products and services revenue and rapid growth in the number of paying customers.

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