Ninth "double 11" to come to the aesthetic fatigue.


Liu Xiaoying

The annual "double 11" is coming again.

Frankly speaking, most people do not seem to have so much desire for consumption and shopping enthusiasm. Today, platforms and businesses are offering promotional discounts on whatever holidays they can afford, and the wave of vigorous new man-made shopping festivals in the middle of the year have diverted some of the consumers, plus the buying and buying of holiday tours abroad uuuuuuuuu If it is the same commodity, what can "double 11" attract consumers?

Ali may also have a headache, this year is the ninth "double 11", what kind of fresh feeling can there be?

For brand marketing, innovation is often a new topic, when the breakthrough within the company becomes weak, seeking external cooperation is the best policy. Thus, in this era, cross-border cooperation has become a king.

In early 2018, Tmall set up a "mysterious" department, Tmall innovation center. Officials say the secret group is based on Alibaba's all-channel consumer data research, combined with large data analysis and accurate sample research, to help brand insight into market opportunities, research and development of new products to meet consumer demand upgrades.

It sounds very mysterious. In fact, the Department Based on large data portraits, to find the overlap of different brands, similarities, and then tie up the bridge to promote cooperation between the two sides to see if the spark can be erased.

The first fire is the six spirits Rio cocktail. Starting in March, Tianmao has been working with the Six Gods and Rio to develop recipes and test products for more than three months. Finally, Tianmao has jointly produced this topical explosive product. By June 18, the Liushen Rio cocktail was exclusively launched by Tiancat, and the limited supply of 5,000 bottles was snapped up in 17 seconds.

Rio's chairman is said to have answered hundreds of questions a day about the "Butterfly Effect" brought by the explosion.

At New York Fashion Week in September, Sky Cat, in conjunction with Mother Gan and Opening Ceremony, a prominent buyer in New York, launched a new topic product, Mother Gan's Fashion Garments, which has been a topic of discussion for a while.

These successes sparked a chain effect. "We've been working on how to innovate, and this year we're trying to make brand impact through Tianmao's Double 11." Zhong Wei, senior director of Internet integration marketing of the blue group, said his team was responsible for Wangwang and CHCEDO's "Wangwang air cushion foundation". In his opinion, the explosive Rio cocktail launched by Tianmao on June 18 and the cross-border cooperation between the six gods have become the highlights of the industry, combined with the tide of the country, the natural hall also decided to play cross-border with Wangwang.

The benefits of joint names are obvious.

Zhou Yuhang, executive vice president of Zhou Dafu Jewelry and Golden Hang Co., Ltd., said that if the joint name would instead look for a more contrasting brand to cooperate with, because the original brand audience has solidified, and the joint name may attract another part of the original did not pay attention to Zhou Dafu people, because the joint name cooperation will come. Searching for Zhou Dafu, you may find, "Oh, that's what Zhou Dafu is like. It's different from what I think." In his experience, this is more conducive to business.

This is also what companies are willing to do after falling into a price war.

The apparel company Taiping Bird, whose Taiping Bird Men's clothes were joined by Disney Mickey at the 2008 Tianmao "Double 11" global fashion festival, launched a new product with Coca-Cola at New York Fashion Week, and then made "this in Shanghai Xintiandi, Shenzhen Wanxiangtiandi" in China. What Museum "Coca-Cola series of theme flash stores marketing cooperation, led to a wave of sales climax. Since its brand rejuvenation strategy, the company has been trying to dig deeper into the identity of young people, hoping to resonate with the new generation and enhance the cohesion between young users.

For these brands, better marketing is to appear in front of consumers with a "different look". And the two brand cooperation that seems to have no boundaries is pursuing "Hello, I am fine."

As for why Tianmao chose to cooperate with Tianmao because the latter's big data allows it to make recommendations from a full chain of categories, crowds, market insights, brand strategies, new product concepts, and R&D solutions, Tianmao says it can now allow brand research and development to launch new products at a time from the past From half a year to two years, it can be reduced to six months or months.

"From the marketing channels of brands to the marketing platforms of brands to the R&D and supply chain transformation of new products endowed with brands, Tianmao has been evolving over the years." Tmall operation platform business manager general Luo Luo said.

What we see is that this year's "double 11" trend is brand name innovation, consumers can expect to see different brands on the platform of cross-border cooperation customized products. It was revealed that about 20 brands have chosen to launch exclusively in the "Double 11" this year, and people can see Stuart Weitzman shoes covered with Swarovski crystals and special memorabilia for the collaboration between the tide brand Off-White and it.

It seems that today's Tmall is like an incubator, hatching out new products. But whether we can pry the consumer's wallet or wait for the test of "double 11"?

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