SEV crashed Li Xiang to fight with "ideal" hybrid railcar.

SEV crashed Li Xiang to fight with

SEV crashed Li Xiang to fight with "ideal" hybrid railcar.

Times weekly reporter Tan Lifeng from Guangzhou

There are two months to go before the end of 2018, but this year's race between new car-makers seems to have just reached its climax.

In October 18th, Li Xiang appeared in Beijing with his car and the first two products of his family, ideally made ONE. The 700-kilometer-long hybrid will be the key to Lee's survival after his earlier SEV project.

Although Ideal Intelligence ONE plans to start delivering its first batch of vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2009, Li said confidently that the company would reach a break-even line of 50,000 vehicles a year by 2020. "In the 2 years after the production of ONE, only 50 thousand of sales can win the cards." Li Xiang said in an interview after the press conference.

Li also denied that the new car would be manufactured by Lifan, saying it would be manufactured at the car and its home in Changzhou. However, under the situation that the state has not yet started a new round of new energy vehicle production qualification examination and approval, there are still some doubts about the production prospects of the ideal intelligent ONE.

"This is a breakthrough in the augmented hybrid technology of the Ideal ONE, compared with other competitors, but its official announcement of fuel consumption may sadden it with the 2020 fuel limit test." Insiders told the times weekly reporter. According to Li Xiang's introduction, the ideal Intelligent ONE will consume less than 5L/100km of fuel in urban conditions and less than 10L/100km of high-speed fuel in extended range mode. As we all know, the relevant policy requires that by 2020, the fuel limit of automobile enterprises should be reduced to 5.0L/100km, and the high-speed fuel consumption of the ideal intelligent ONE may be its Achilles heel. At the same time, this will affect the acquisition of new energy points for cars and homes.

Solve mileage anxiety

Although it is still more than a year before the new car is officially delivered to consumers, Li thinks he can't wait to push the ideal ONE under the magnesium lamp to be reviewed by the industry.

In October 18th, Li Xiang appeared in the Beijing performing arts center with his car and his family's two models. "Getting users out of mileage anxiety completely" was the theme Li wanted to mention many times at the conference, so the ideal intelligent ONE with a combined range of up to 700 km was undoubtedly the focus of the evening.

Officially, the ideal Intelligent ONE would have a range of 180 kilometers in pure-electric mode, and in extended-range conditions, the engine would not directly output power, but rather generate electricity to drive the car.

All along, the hybrid vehicle in the Chinese market is a minority. GM brought the Velite 5, also a plug-in hybrid, to the Chinese market last year, but sales figures show it sold only 1,800 vehicles in the first nine months of the year. Similarly, there are also BMW's I3.

However, Li Xiang, who was once frustrated, clearly saw the new draught. In July this year, the State Development and Reform Commission issued the "Regulations on Investment Management of Automobile Industry (Draft for Consultation)" to re-divide plug-in mixing and add-on mixing. The add-on mixing is directly attributed to the "pure electric vehicle" investment field.

However, although the status of program-added hybridization has been upgraded, this advantage can be neglected under the fact that domestic subsidies for new energy vehicles have declined sharply. Li would like to say that next year, Ideal ONE will still be able to enjoy 18,000 yuan of state new energy subsidies, but local subsidies may not be available. In addition, there is no purchase tax.

Ideal ONE for medium and large SUVs is currently offered at a pre-sale price of no more than 400,000 yuan before the subsidy. Li wants to believe that the ideal ONE should be a hit with its excellent design and quality interior, plus the mileage beyond the traditional fuel vehicles.

"Although Li wants to emphasize how good the new car's programming technology is, but this release is not the final mass production model, so everything has to wait until the new car out before the praise." Car analyst Li Ren told TIME that after this year's arrival and Weimar's successive deliveries, consumers will have a more and more concrete understanding of the new car manufacturers, which will directly lead to consumers whether to choose these new brands in the future.

It is worth noting that Li Xiang has speeded up the booking date of the new car. Originally scheduled for April 2019 at the Shanghai Motor Show to accept the scheduled plan, Li wanted to suddenly mention the new car released on the fourth day. "You can't carry the Shanghai auto show, otherwise you will be scolded." Li Xiang said on his micro-blog.

"The advance of the booking date reflects the expected sales of new cars, which may be conducive to the car and the family's subsequent financing, in preparation for the subsequent production and delivery of more money-intensive." The analysts said. Up to now, more than two years of car and family have completed 5 billion 755 million yuan financing. According to Li Xiang, the car and the family will complete the C round of financing this year, the total amount of financing will exceed 10 billion yuan. "At present, there is a lot of cash in the company's account, which is estimated to be available in 2020." Li Xiang said earlier.

Li wants to say that the four major processes for SUV in Changzhou are now fully ready and are expected to start production early next year. "We see other people passing through the pit, we can't go any more."

Fuel limit test

Although the adoption of the EPS solution can well solve the "mileage anxiety" of consumers about the use of new energy vehicles, but the fuel consumption of new vehicles may be the next serious fact Li wants to face.

As we all know, by 2020, it will also be the deadline for the National Fuel Limit Examination, when the fuel limit of automobile enterprises will be reduced to 5.0L/100km. At the same time, as the new energy vehicle subsidy is gradually declining, by 2020, will be completely out of the historical arena, gradually replaced by the double-point policy.

Li wants to say that the ideal Intelligent One's range extension is far better than all its previous competitors, because it consumes the last 30% of the battery pack when the oil is exhausted. So when the range extender isn't strong enough, the battery can also discharge close to 160 kilowatts, 40 kilowatt-hour batteries, 30% SOC and four times the discharge rate. "The pressure of the extender has been very small, the NV is excellent, kinetic energy recovery and excess power recharge battery, battery Soc has been stable in a range." He said.

Official data show that in the extended range mode, the ideal Intelligent ONE urban conditions fuel consumption is less than 5 litres 100 kilometers, high-speed fuel consumption will also be less than 10 litres 100 kilometers.

However, this figure is not very prominent in the industry. Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the National Passenger Car Federation, told TIME that the fuel consumption was obviously on the high side. "However, it is estimated that there is still a battery charge. That is to say, in the part of the fuel consumption test, the working condition is driven by electricity. Its comprehensive fuel consumption needs to wait for the actual test.

The longer the mileage, the higher the score, the lower the fuel consumption and the higher the score. In terms of integral orientation, pure electric vehicles will score higher than hybrid vehicles, so high-endurance pure electric vehicles and small displacement fuel vehicles will become the main force of the market in the future.

Industry insiders pointed out that the ideal smart ONE using 40 kWh battery pack and 45L tank, the most comprehensive fuel consumption is also 9L / 100km. At the same time, although it has been advocating that the ideal smart ONE has the advantage of smooth electric vehicles, but as a hybrid vehicle, the battery pack is too large and will lead to high cost, the city's pure inductance has not been improved too much, a bit worse than it deserves.

"This car can get 2 points of new energy, it's already good." Cui Dongshu told the times weekly reporter. However, some analysts pointed out that from this new car can be seen that Li Xiang did not build cars for subsidies, or see the new state support for plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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