Hammer Chengdu headquarters dissolve doubts Luo Yonghao how to cross the mire

Hammer Chengdu headquarters dissolve doubts Luo Yonghao how to cross the mire

Hammer Chengdu headquarters dissolve doubts Luo Yonghao how to cross the mire

Times weekly reporter Wang Zhouting from Guangzhou

Shortly after bullet text messages brought hope, the six-year-old hammer technology was in a new predicament.

On Oct. 15, employees of Chengdu, the self-proclaimed Hammer Company, blasted out Hammer Technologies on Weibo and began to lay off workers on a large scale. They had just settled in Chengdu for only a year or were facing disbandment. Then the next day, Hammer Science and Technology announcement to deny, while indicating that Chengdu Ambition Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is Hammer Science and Technology moved to Chengdu after the establishment of a new company, and the company's operating conditions are good, the business is also in normal progress.

As for the rumored "disbandment of Chengdu Company personnel", Hammer Technology said that this is actually for the company to Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu three technical personnel integration, the purpose is to be able to better strengthen the company's overall R & D strength. However, Luo Yonghao did not continue to respond to media visits to Hammer Technologies Chengdu General Office, but repeatedly forwarded the announcement of the upcoming conference in Chengdu.

For a time, a local insider in Chengdu told the Times that a place with financial support has built an investment platform, hoping to attract well-known enterprises to settle down, while a star enterprise hammer with lack of funds has this development intention, as for the original intention of setting up enterprises, it is not easy to say.

It is reported that in August last year, Luo Yonghao disclosed that the company completed a 1 billion yuan financing, which is the latest round of financing since November 2016, but also in the financial difficulties of its "a life-saving straw".

How Hammer Chengdu dissolves doubts remains to be followed up, but for Hammer Technology, which has repeatedly fallen into business crisis, how to get out of the development dilemma is Luo Yonghao's biggest problem. During its six years of existence, six were cited for bankruptcy, five were cited for acquisition, and three were exposed to the crisis of the capital chain. How will this time, as one of the few small and medium-sized smartphone manufacturers still alive, get out of the quagmire?

Chengdu headquarters dissolves doubts

For hammer technology, Chengdu is the turning point of fate. In 2017, it was reported that the hammer of "life hanging on the line" received the olive branch from Chengdu, and received a valuable investment of 600 million yuan. In the industry's view, to promote the development of science and technology industry in Chengdu and the Internet has a small reputation but shortage of funds hammer technology, both sides have a meeting point of demand.

As a condition for cooperation, Hammer Technology announced in 2017 that it would relocate its headquarters to Chengdu, and held a new announcement of Nut Pro 2 in Chengdu. Luo Yonghao has not forgotten to introduce himself at many events this year. "We are Hammer Technology from Chenghua District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province." This is a good example of his success. In Chengdu.

In fact, the hammer technology headquarters moved to Chengdu and quickly landed after its announcement. According to public information, Chengdu Chenghua District signed a cooperation agreement with Hammer Science and Technology Company in July 2017. The initial planning area of the project is about 8000 square meters. The administrative, supply chain, R&D, design and other headquarters management and service departments of Hammer Science and Technology in Beijing and Shenzhen will be moved to Chenghua District as a whole, while Luo Yonghao will be moved to Chenghua District as a whole. In June, July and August of the same year, Chengdu Hammer Technology Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Ambition Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Breathing Technology Co., Ltd. were registered in Chenghua District.

Hammer Technologies held its first operating briefing in Chengdu in August this year, at which COO Wu Dezhou revealed that sales of Hammer Technologies increased 164% in 2017 compared with 2016. According to local media reports at the time, Hammer Technologies Chengdu Branch had 208 staff, including 4 managers, 98 R&D staff, 2 marketing staff, 95 customer service staff and 9 operation support staff.

The latest media reports show that "hammer technology is located in Chengdu Mengchaiwan Shimao Building hammer technology headquarters office in Chengdu, the front desk empty, a large number of desks and chairs vacant, only a few employees". In fact, during the reporting period of Hammer's layoffs in Chengdu, it was caught in a whirlpool of public opinion, and some even thought that the lack of money in the hammer technology to defraud funds.

However, the industry believes that the situation of hammer technology Chengdu company may not be so bad. Sun Yanbiao, president of the First Mobile Phone Industry Research Institute, told TIME that hammer technology, as stated in the announcement, will need to be "more economical and effective personnel integration" one year after its founding in Chengdu.

He thinks, hammer science and technology was founded in Chengdu, the speed of landing is really very fast, the strength of personnel laying is also very large, for half the number of former company personnel. But after entering the stable period, the company needs to correct the adjustment which does not conform to the expectation, therefore the hammer Chengdu "the person goes to the empty building" perhaps is not withdraws, but Luo Yonghao carries on the strategic adjustment to the Shanghai, Chengdu and so on city company.

Fans business model dilemma

Hammer technology, with its unique style of "sentiment", seems to have fallen into the strange circle of "Cheng Ye Luo Yonghao, Bu Ye Luo Yonghao".

As Ding Daoshi pointed out, Hammer Technology started with smartphone business, and its choice of "sentiment" route makes Luo Yonghao the most appealing brand. But compared with the leading domestic mobile phone brands such as Huawei and millet, this also means that Hammer will face the small market.

After the rapid development of the domestic mobile phone industry in 2015, 2016, Hammer Technology launched whether it is positioning high-end T1 and T2, or aimed at the end of the market M1 have failed to break through the survival barrier of million shipments, which hammer technology has been facing an overwhelming survival dilemma.

Publicly available data show that hammer technology has been in a state of loss from 2012 to 2016. In September 2016, Hammer Technologies investor Chengdu Nibilu Technologies submitted a prospectus showing that Hammer Technologies lost 192 million yuan in the first half of 2016 and 462 million yuan in 2015, while Suning Yunshang's annual report for 2016 further exposed the financial situation of Hammer Technologies in 2016, with revenue of 809 million yuan and net loss of 428 million yuan.

Despite losses, Hammer completed six rounds of financing in excess of $1.5 billion from 2012 to 2017. Sun Yanbiao pointed out to TIME that investors are more concerned about the fan economy brought about by Luo Yonghao. "For example, according to the original idea, if Luo Yonghao's 200 million fans can achieve a conversion rate of 1%, then it is not difficult to feed a company, but from the current situation, this conversion rate and Not ideal, this is also the reason why Hammer Technology launched diversified products to boost the conversion rate.

It is reported that in the past six years, in addition to smartphones, hammer technology has incubated VR, air purifier, TNT, cloud office, bullet SMS and other projects, in addition to the May 2017 launch of low-end nut Pro hammer phone in less than five months for the first time. Shipments of more than one million units.

Luo Yonghao also said recently that hammer technology has turned into a deficit. But on the other hand, many products of hammers are in an awkward situation of "applauding no applause".

In the mobile phone industry, which only owns the order quantity and has the right to talk to the supply chain, the order quantity of hammer technology has been a major factor hampering its development. Sun Yanbiao pointed out that in terms of hardware innovation and manufacturing, the million level is the threshold for a mobile phone to survive, and for hammer technology to launch TNT office smart hardware, the threshold also needs to reach 100,000 level of orders, but compared to other tens of millions of mobile phones, hardware brands, hammer technology does not have in the supply. The appeal of the chain.

On the other hand, the advantages of micro-innovation in software are not directly translated into sustained business value.

Can it subvert "Luo Yonghao"?

When the weakness of hardware and software becomes the gate of life, where is the future of hammer technology? In fact, in recent two years, focusing on the brand level, the head effect of mobile phones has already appeared. China's smartphone market has been declining for several consecutive quarters since 2017. On the other hand, the concentration of the market is gradually increasing, and Wami OV occupies a major share of the market.

According to the China Gold Securities Research Report, OPPO R15, A83 and A3 occupied the top three of the top 20 models in domestic offline sales in July. In the distribution of Top 50, OV, apple and Samsung account for 47. It can be seen that the concentration of mobile phone brands continues to improve.

Fortunately, however, hammer technology shipments are more stable than many out-of-business niche brands. Hammer Technologies shipped 570,000 mobile phones in the first quarter of this year, ranking 20th, according to the first domestic mobile phone shipment report in 2018 released by the third-party Asahi Daily data.

In fact, Luo Yonghao also showed great ambition for the blueprint of hammer technology planning. In addition to announcing the launch of Nut Pro 2S and announcing the launch of Bullet Short Message and Hammer Friendship, Luo Yonghao revealed that Hammer plans to be an OS system, and that starting with the underlying system, the system is not simply built on Android, nor is it just for mobile phones.

The implication is that Hammer's system is likely to be the underlying foundation of the Internet of Things, with mobile phones, computers, and even more smart hardware. Luo Yonghao will aim at intelligent hardware or big market of intelligent life.

But for hammer technology, there are still obstacles to achieving this ambition. Sun Yanbiao believes that hammer technology needs to subvert its business model and return to the nature of product research and development, in order to maximize product sustainability and commercialization and other urgent problems to be solved.

And when the bullet message is short-lived, where will Luo Yonghao and his hammer go?

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