Stealing electricity continues to be a virtual currency mining industry needs to be standardized

Stealing electricity continues to be a virtual currency mining industry needs to be standardized

Profit, low risk, and theft.

Virtual banking "mining" industry needs to be standardized

Source: Legal Daily

The value of Bitcoin soared in 2017, causing countless people to go crazy, and "digging" has become an area of close attention to some people. Computer tutorials, mobile phone software, "mining machine"...... With the increasing number of mining methods, some problems also follow.

In September this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website in the second quarter of the network security threat situation analysis and work review pointed out that illegal "mining" a serious threat to Internet network security. Several Internet companies and network security companies believe that illegal "mining" has become a serious network security problem.

"Mining" Trojan horse attacks computer

Wang Shuai, a student at Northeast Petroleum University, used his spare time to study "mining" and virtual money. According to him, some "miners" in the "mining" need to exchange high-performance computing power for virtual money, hackers are using this feature, the use of illegal means to steal other people's computer resources, other people's computers into their own "mining machine".

"A common means of'mining'Trojan horse is to carry a Web attack computer, in the'mining' Trojan horse's computer not only uses carton, resulting in higher power consumption, but also to bring serious damage to the hardware." Wang Shuai said.

A programmer named Hu Yuyang wrote down his experience in an article. "I bought a server and made a small website to play with. I visited it today. The load was huge and slow. Looking at the server running, the CPU soared to 100%, sorted by CPU consumption. The first one was a process named'imWBR1', and checked it. Next, it is a "mining" Trojan horse.

According to Hu Yuyang, Trojan horse takes advantage of Redis port vulnerabilities.

Another Baidu sticker who got the money from Monroe said: "The poisoning reason is unknown, because there is no such situation at home, so far back to school found that, more than a month ago did not go, suspected that the entire network has this Trojan horse, can only be prevented on personal computers." This netizen thinks, this kind of Trojan is very difficult to find the source of transmission, even if poisoned, the current anti-virus software is also very difficult to thoroughly kill it.

According to Wang Shuai, in addition to attacks on Web pages, users may also be attacked by Trojan Horse virus when browsing and downloading files and programs.

It is understood that a well-known game auxiliary program was exposed to contain "HSR coin mining" Trojan horse virus, a day more than 200,000 computers were attacked. Recently, Tencent Royal Threat Intelligence Center discovered a new variant of the Trojan Horse "Beauty Scorpion" and "Digging" in May, which attacked computers with downloaded pictures loaded with malicious code and used a variety of "miners" to dig coins.

"Digging" Trojan horse is different from the general blackmail virus, it in the user's ignorance of the case of direct misappropriation of computer resources, the use of other people's computers to "dig" its main performance and harm for the high proportion of memory, damage graphics card, but with the characteristics of not easily detected, so that many ordinary users can not easily identify, Even think that the computer's own hardware problems, so unwittingly become a big head. Wang Shuai said.

Desperate for electricity

According to Wang Shuai, because the "digging" income and the "mine owner" to provide a direct proportion of computing power, many "miners" choose to buy "mining machine" burning graphics card in pursuit of higher efficiency, but burning graphics card first need to solve the problem of expensive electricity.

"Mining" in the field of a senior website in the summary of illegal "mining" behavior, the "stealing" as the first illegal act.

It is understood that in the middle of June this year, an enterprise reported an abnormal increase in electricity consumption since May. According to the investigation, it was because the miners stole and maintained 58 "miners" and 12 "card machines" which consumed a lot of electricity. In order to save the cost of "mining", more than 30,000 degrees of electricity was stolen in a month.

He Biao (not his real name) is a "miner" from Anhui Province. He told reporters that "digging" is mainly the problem of electricity. The problem of electricity has been solved and other problems have disappeared. Computer technology problems can be returned to factory maintenance.

"As far as I know, there are two main ways to solve the problem of electricity. One is that the custodian who has special collection equipment puts tens of thousands of'mining machines'for centralized processing; the other is to use local relations to steal electricity." He Biao said.

"If the electricity bills go through normal channels, it's hard to make money." He Biao explained that the area where the equipment trustees are located usually has more cost-effective power resources, such as wind power or hydropower, which cost about 30 cents. Miners sign agreements with their custodians, such as a daily, monthly custody fee and electricity fee for 1,000 miners, but such agreements are not guaranteed. He Biao said.

For stealing electricity "mining" problem, a power plant staff told reporters, "may be collusion inside and outside. There are people in the power supply department who will pay a little more, and give them a little money every month. Even if the thief is caught, he will not give the people in the power supply department.

When asked why he should continue to pay attention to the "mining" costs so high, he Biao answered: "mining" market is really not good, after calculating the electricity fee is not profitable. Now the owners of mines are very bitter and can't make money. However, from the perspective of block chains, there is value only if there is application, and many people believe that the concept of block chains and decentralization is the future trend.

In the years of the currency circle, He Biao was also worried about the prospect of the currency circle.

"Now there are more counterfeit currencies such as air and pyramid money on the market. The currencies hung on several platforms are not all regular. Although these platforms are quite famous, there are no specific specifications after all. Newcomers are easily confused by air coins and pyramid schemes. Air currency refers to the currency which has no practical use and is false and empty, while pyramid selling currency is a pyramid selling fraud which lacks practical benefit and wears the cloak of virtual currency. He Biao said.

For pyramid selling coins, He Biao said: "the so-called pyramid selling money is pulling the head. For example, I can issue it myself now and then raise the price of the currency. After a wave of people come in, I cut leeks and collect the money layer by layer. Isn't that what I mean by cutting leek on the Internet? At first, the price of a ten-dollar coin rises to twenty or thirty dollars. When it rises, you will be reluctant to sell it. Then you will fall down and snap it down to a few dollars, or even a dollar. The initial investment was one hundred thousand yuan, which lost eighty thousand or ninety thousand yuan. It's like manipulating stocks, and currency prices are manipulated, and many people are losing money because of it.

He Biao expressed his worries about the future development of the currency circle and the question of where to go. "I personally feel confused, and now the state has no specific provisions on this area, is it reserved or to ban, now we do not know."

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