What is the news that the US Navy has challenged the Taiwan authorities to release the news again?

What is the news that the US Navy has challenged the Taiwan authorities to release the news again?

Original Title: US naval ships provoked across the Taiwan Strait again. What was the news that the Taiwan authorities had taken the initiative to release it?

[Global Times correspondent Zhang Wenwen in Taipei Global Times correspondent Wang Yabin] Reuters on the 20th revealed that "the United States is considering to send another warship through the Taiwan Strait after July" news just two days ago, Taiwan's "Ministry of Defense" 22 on its own initiative to release the news of U.S. ships across the Taiwan Strait. The motives of the US military operations in the Taihai region before the mid-term elections and the "September 1" elections in Taiwan are highly questioned.

Taiwan's "Ministry of Defense" issued a press release at 9:15 p.m. on the 22nd confirmed that the two U.S. warships sailed through the Taiwan Strait from south to North from the Goose Lung Nose sea area on the same day, this time the U.S. ships routinely passed the international waters of the Taiwan Strait, "the relevant details are explained by the U.S. government." The statement said that during the U.S. naval voyage through the waters around Taiwan, "the National Army" in accordance with the provisions of the full grasp and response, "have the ability to maintain maritime and airspace security and ensure regional peace and stability, please rest assured." Taiwan's "presidential palace" said that it has always attached great importance to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the region. "As a responsible member of the international community, Taiwan will continue to be committed to the maintenance of the status quo across the Straits and ensure peace, prosperity and development in the Asia-Pacific region. We are happy to see all kinds of efforts contributing to regional security and stability."

Taiwan's "Central News Agency" said, "Ministry of Defense" 22 although the initiative to announce the passage of the U. S. ship, but did not disclose what kind of warship. It is understood that two warships through the Taiwan Strait are "Aegis" ships.

This is not the first time a US warship has crossed the Strait of Taiwan. "Wang Bao" previously reported that in July 2017, the island on the U. S. military "Burke" class destroyer across the Taiwan Sea news. A senior "Guo An" source said that when the PLA Liaoning ship returned from Hong Kong, a US "Burke" class destroyer entered the Taiwan Strait and monitored the Liaoning ship along the so-called "Strait Central Line". But at that time, Taiwan's "Ministry of Defense" did not confirm, only said that "for the surrounding sea, airspace conditions, all the way to monitor and master." On July 7, two U.S. Berk-class destroyers crossed the Taiwan Strait, the first official confirmation of U.S. warships crossing the Taiwan Strait since the U.S. aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk was denied access to Hong Kong in 2007 and then crossed the Taiwan Strait. "Wang Bao" that the United States is intended to let the trade war and the South China Sea, Taiwan Sea issues linked up, "to pressure the mainland is quite obvious attempt.

The United States warships launched multiple interpretations on the island across the Taiwan Strait. Shi Xiaowei, editor-in-chief of the military website, said the United States'aim was to let the world know that "the Taiwan Strait is an international waters, not what China considers to be internal waters". Lu Lishi, a former captain of the Taiwan Navy's "Xinjiang Ship", said that this was the second time this year that US ships had carried out "Free Movement of Navigation" through the Taiwan Strait, and that both of the press releases were issued by the "Ministry of Defence" of Taiwan. Obviously, the "National Army" could effectively grasp the Taiwan Sea dynamics and reached a consensus with the US military. He also said that although the two-ship formation is the lowest threshold for naval training, if the United States strategic bombers in the East China Sea and the South China Sea to carry out 17 "continued bomber presence" missions this year, it is obvious that "the U.S. naval and air forces re-directed to Taiwan, Taiwan's strategic positioning has changed.

A mainland Taiwan expert told the Global Times that the news was first released by the DPP authorities because they had felt internal and external pressure. The DPP authorities are now becoming troublemakers, unwilling to go on the right path of acknowledging the "1992 Consensus" and peace on both sides of the Strait, and can only take the road of "united America and resistance to China"; by propagating warships across the Strait, they are, to some extent, bold and want to boost depressed elections. Zhang Junshe, a researcher at the Institute of Maritime Military Academy, told the Global Times on Tuesday that the statement made by Taiwan's "Ministry of Defense" seemed to be well coordinated with the United States, as if it had been negotiated beforehand. In fact, the United States did not take Taiwan seriously. Taiwan was just a chess piece. In addition, the U.S. ship crossed the Taiwan Strait in the context of a meeting between the Chinese and U.S. defense ministers, indicating that the United States is not uniform in its internal attitude.

Not only that, CNN recently quoted several U.S. defense officials as saying that the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet drafted a secret plan for a week-long exercise in November in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait and other regions, "to send warning messages to the mainland." Mainland Taiwanese analysts said the U.S. mid-term elections will be held on November 6, and the U.S. ship is likely to cross the Taiwan Strait in the first week of November to build momentum for U.S. President Trump with "anti-China help Taiwan", and then Taiwan's "nine-in-one election" on November 24. Once the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities consider the election, they will join the U.S. Army in action. There must be counter action.

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