Direct response to Tencent's response to tighten investment rumors: comprehensive consideration will be made to make the most appropriate decision.

Direct response to Tencent's response to tighten investment rumors: comprehensive consideration will be made to make the most appropriate decision.

On the evening of October 23, Tencent responded to rumors of a "tightening of investment", saying that more than 30 investment projects are currently under way at the same time. Tencent also said that Tencent investment not only values the growth of the target business itself, but also considers the strategic value and market environment, making the most appropriate investment decisions.

According to 36 krypton report, Tencent has significantly tightened its investment business and slowed down since the second half of this year. Specific performance: business weakly related to the project almost suspended contact, has been invested in projects due to business needs and investment stagnation. Tencent said that this year, Tencent investment continued to develop.

Tencent responded by continuing to invest and refinance in smart industries, gaming, content and other areas, and by continuing to invest in cutting-edge and enterprise services, such as AI and autopilot, and by increasing the distribution of overseas investment, including India, Southeast Asia and Europe. South America.

Combined with the 36-krypton report quoting financial advisers, Tencent did not give a clear answer on whether to tighten its investment business. According to a report, a financial adviser said, "Tencent's investment and Acquisition Department is working on the existing optimization projects, such as the merger and increase of the existing investment companies, is not expanding new areas at all."

Part of the focus on Tencent's investment business stems from the screenbrush article Tencent has no dreams. "The nearly 20-year-old company is becoming utilitarian and short-sighted, and his strength is no longer product business, but investment in technology," Pan Chao said in the article. The article also points out that Tencent's market capitalization has increased 10 times since 2011 through a set of capital plus traffic measures.

But since peaking at HK$4.5 trillion earlier this year, Tencent's share price has fallen and its market value has evaporated by more than $200 billion, a record.

Under the turbulence, every move of Tencent has attracted more attention than before. At the end of last month, Tencent announced the most important organizational restructuring and strategic upgrade in recent years, saying it would take root in the consumer Internet, embrace the industrial Internet, and help industry and consumers form a more open new ecology of connectivity.

Ma Huateng said that Tencent must be "scoreboard" mentality, modest and enterprising ground to the old and new industries and the Internet convergence trend, active evolution, play a "connector" and "ecological co-builder" role.

Tencent has adjusted its original seven business groups to six, including the newly established Cloud and Intelligence Industry Group (CSIG), Platform and Content Industry Group (PCG). In the first half of the Internet, Tencent dominated the C-end business, and in the second half of the Internet, Tencent powered the B-end.

Investment was also mentioned at that time. Tencent says it will continue to invest in cutting-edge basic science in the future and will continue to invest more in AI laboratories, robotic laboratories and quantum laboratories.

By the end of August, Tencent had at least 628 companies investing in mergers and acquisitions, compared with 456 Alibaba companies investing or acquiring, according to IT Orange.

Among them, the most valued by Tencent is entertainment and game industry. In terms of culture and entertainment, Tencent has invested 133 events, and the game industry has invested 86. It is worth noting that Tencent has 62 investment incidents, ranking third, in enterprise services for the B-end market.

Before the rumor of "investment tightening", there was also news about the specific investment projects of Tencent. According to Redi. com, Convenient Bee recently received a large investment from Tencent and Gao Ning, and Tencent declined to comment. On Sept. 30, Mingchuang announced that it had signed a strategic investment agreement with Tencent and Gao Ning Capital, involving a total of $1 billion.

Bloomberg news has also been linked with Tencent investment. Tencent's investment team is discussing setting up a new fund of at least $650 million to support existing start-ups in the company's portfolio, according to people familiar with the matter. However, as Tencent is still assessing investors' interest, it has not finalized the final amount. (Li Nan)

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