The "China threat" is attributed to the "China threat".


"Foreign Ministry Spokesman's Office" (xws4_fmprc) October 23 news, 22, U.S. President Trump said that the United States will withdraw from the "China Direction Treaty", China should be included in the "China Direction Treaty". On the same day, U.S. President's National Security Assistant Bolton also said that the United States is facing a very real threat from China and does not want to be the only country subject to the treaty. 33% to 50% of China's ballistic missiles are not in conformity with the China-missile Treaty. In response, a reporter asked China's response at a regular press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs in October 23rd.

Hua Chunying: We have noticed the recent statements made by U.S. President Trump and U.S. National Security Assistant Bolton about the unilateral withdrawal of the U.S. from the China-Navigation Treaty, in which China has been mentioned many times. Yesterday, I have already demonstrated China's position on this issue. The guiding treaty is a treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union and a bilateral one. It is unreasonable and unreasonable for the United States to withdraw unilaterally and talk about other countries.

China has always pursued a defensive national defense policy, firmly safeguarded its legitimate national security interests and will never accept any form of blackmail. Again, I would like to advise the us not to go against the tide and think twice before we go on this issue.

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