Hong Kong media listed Taiwan most wanted to buy 3 US weapons: procurement F35 negotiations have begun

Hong Kong media listed Taiwan most wanted to buy 3 US weapons: procurement F35 negotiations have begun

According to a report published on October 15 by the Hong Kong South China Morning Post entitled "US Weapons Taiwan Wants to Use to Strengthen Defense", Washington expressed its desire to sell more weapons to Taiwan. The following are three most important arms purchases:

Reported that a senior Pentagon official recently said that the United States is moving towards the establishment of a "more normal foreign arms sales relations" with the Taiwan side.

Randall Shriver, the U.S. Assistant Defense Secretary in charge of Asia-Pacific security, said the Trump administration would promote more arms sales to Taiwan, a move that would be strongly opposed by the Chinese government.

Beijing criticized the US plan announced in September to sell $330 million worth of weapons to Taiwan, the report said.

Beijing has increased diplomatic and military pressure on Taiwan since Cai Ying, who leaned toward "Taiwan independence" two years ago, took office, while Cai Ying has promised to increase defense spending.

In view of this, the following are the 3 most important American equipment on the Taiwan military purchase list.

Submarine technology and weapon system

Reported that Taiwan has long sought to purchase the necessary technology and components to upgrade its aging submarine fleet and build its own indigenous submarines.

Despite Beijing's protests, Washington agreed in April to allow US defense contractors to help Taiwan build its own submarines, the report said.

But Taiwan also needs help from other countries, because the U.S. Navy only uses nuclear-powered ships, and Taiwan needs diesel-powered ships.

F-35 fighter

Lockheed Martin's F-35 Lightning II fighter is a single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multipurpose fighter family. It is designed to be America's leading surface-to-air missile killer, equipped with cutting-edge processing capabilities, synthetic aperture radar integration technology and advanced target recognition technology.

In March this year, Yan Defa, the head of Taiwan's defense department, said in an interview with Taiwan's media that the F-35B fighter met the requirements of the Taiwan Air Force for short takeoff and vertical landing fighters.

Reported that he also said that the procurement negotiations have begun, Taiwan will complete the evaluation of the procurement program to the United States after the request.

M1A2 "Abrams" main battle tank

Reported that the third generation of the United States combat tank is very suitable for replacing Taiwan's increasingly aging tanks.

At present, most of the tanks used by the Taiwan army are older American tanks, such as M60 and M48 tanks.

Reported that for a long time, Taiwan has been discussing the need to buy M1A2 "Abrams" battle tanks, because many people in Taiwan's coastal wetlands and mountainous inland use of older, heavier models of tanks expressed concern.

Reported that after more than 10 years of controversy, Taiwan on July 10 said it wanted to buy 108 U.S. -made M1A2 "Abrams" main battle tanks, but it is not clear when the first batch of tanks will arrive in Taiwan. (compile / Long Jun)

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