Shanghai issued the first automatic driving truck road test license in China

Shanghai issued the first automatic driving truck road test license in China

Original title: first autopilot truck road test license issued

Shanghai's automatic driving is another breakthrough! The reporter learned from the Municipal Economic and Commercial Commission yesterday that, as of the end of September, the total mileage of the road test of Shanghai Intelligent Network has exceeded 15,000 kilometers. The test process is safe and controllable. There are no traffic accidents, no adverse effects on the existing traffic, and the overall situation is good. In order to further accelerate the test progress and breadth, the Municipal Intelligent Network Auto Road Test and Promotion Working Group will issue the Intelligent Network Auto Road Test License to Shanghai Tucson Future Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Initial Speed Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. As a result, Shanghai has become the first city in China to issue road test licenses for automatic driving trucks.

Automatic driving technology to a new level

Tucson's future was founded in 2015. It focuses on independent research and development of large truck automated driving system. It has R & D Application Center in Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei and California, Arizona, with more than 400 employees. According to the relevant technical personnel, Tucson's future L4-level autopilot technology will be mainly based on cameras, fusing other sensors such as lidar, millimeter-wave radar, and so on, which can be used for pixel-level identification of the visual environment within a kilometer range. At present, the company has successfully conducted pilotless test and trial operation in China and the United States, obtained the unmanned road test license issued by the California Vehicle Administration in 2017, and began to explore the commercial trial operation of automatic driving on the U.S. highway in August 2018, and has completed more than 13,000 hours of real-world environmental testing and testing. Simulation environment testing.

Automated truck is an important application field of artificial intelligence. Automated truck will greatly improve the efficiency of logistics transportation, reduce transportation costs and improve economic efficiency. Shanghai takes the lead in carrying out the road test of auto-driving trucks in China, which will accelerate the technological innovation and industrialization, and lay a solid foundation for the large-scale commercial operation.

The first test speed of the other test licence is an autopilot technology company, focusing on independent research and development of the core algorithm of autopilot. Products range from front to rear, from L0 to L4 levels of autopilot solutions, and large data related services. Among them, L4-level automatic driving solution is dedicated to solving the problem of automatic driving on urban complex roads, fully integrating visual and millimeter-wave radar, precise urban road positioning and dynamic environment modeling, and combining advanced behavior planning, motion planning and control algorithm to realize L4-level automatic driving on urban roads. Drive. At the L4 level, the car can do all the driving without the driver's intervention.

The test road has reached 37.2 km.

In recent years, Shanghai has actively implemented the national automotive industry policy, continuously expanded open cooperation, optimized business environment, and vigorously promoted the development of the smart network automotive industry. It has attracted many domestic and foreign enterprises, such as Tucson, Initial Speed, Road Star Intelligence, Shanghai Chuang Shi and so on. Some of them have developed into automatic driving. The "unicorn" in the field.

At present, Shanghai intelligent network vehicle road test is safe, orderly and steady. In March this year, Shanghai took the lead in formulating and promulgating the "Shanghai Intelligent Network Auto Road Test Management Measures (Trial)", and announced the first stage of 5.6 km test road, and has issued five test licenses to SAIC Group, ULAI Automobile, BMW China three enterprises.

Last month, during the 2018 World Intelligent Network (WIN) Auto Conference, Shanghai released a second phase of 31.6 km test road, which now totals 37.2 km. It covers a variety of road traffic environments, such as urban trunk roads, urban sub-trunk roads, industrial parks trunk roads, and so on, to meet the needs of the R&D and testing of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles for automatic driving. Demand.




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