People's online review: let those "dirty dirty black" from the media account no market.

People's online review: let those

Original Title: One of the Four People's Web Comments on "The Disorder of Self-Media Accounts": No More Market for the "Smelly Black" Routine

Author: Hua said

The wicked turn into "experts" to predict the economic situation, singing over and over again the decline of China's economy, exaggerating anxiety and panic emotions; such as Huangkou children's general nonsense, falsifying party history, national history, revolutionary history, deliberately blackened classics and plays, maliciously slandered heroes; to "yellow gambling poison" dressed in soul chicken soup. Coat, posing as "intellectual elder sister" and "uncle of prophet" deceiving the simple readers.

No one can deny that this is an era of media blowout. There are hundreds of millions of registered users on some hot Internet platforms. Anyone can feel that data fraud, copying, manuscript laundering, worthlessness, falsification of history, even desperate extortion, spreading rumors, selling counterfeit goods, violations of rights and other issues, in many self-Media accounts on the fierce. Some "dirty black" from the media accounts of the pursuit of fame and fortune, entertainment to the death of no lower limit, routine exhausted, the agency has reached the point of lawlessness, self-destruction. In this regard, we need a more professional and stricter network governance to purify cyberspace and purify cyberculture.

With the development of Internet technology, it is possible for "all things are media" and "all people are media", and also makes self-Media an important carrier of innovation and entrepreneurship. Any self-Media player who wants to stand out from the tens of millions of other self-Media accounts must have a solid hard power. The public's attention is regarded as the most precious resource and the most scarce opportunity.

The so-called "net red economy", "fan economy" and "self-media entrepreneurship" are often the "attention" resources behind the scramble for traffic and clicks. Look at those "smelly black" big V, net red, public names, they do not rely on technical innovation to eat the real ability, nor rely on knowledge and culture to eat the real effort, "eyesight" means are from the "third way down".

From the usual eye-catching tricks such as "curiosity", "abnormal knowledge" and "title party", to the unhealthy tricks such as selling anxieties, instigating desires and catering to vulgarity, to the soft-writing routine of deceiving recognition by making up stories, to the "Xiao Huang Wen" style of writing, to the "Xiao Huang Wen" style of writing, to poison the "three views are undetermined" Young people, to aim at the lack of family ties, lack of social knowledge of the middle-aged and elderly people...... "Dirty dirty black" from the media in order to grab traffic and interests, it is hard to do anything.

Some people mistakenly suggest that a good product should satisfy the seven sins of human nature: lust, laziness, greed, gluttony, arrogance, anger, jealousy. Making profits from the "seven crimes" just proves the essence of his deliberate arrogance to the bottom line of public order and good customs and even the red line of law.

Mobile from the media age, anyone shake a smart idea, put on the network can easily get "100,000 +" click browsing. Because of this, any words and deeds from the media should be polite, reasonable and legal.

A successful self-media, the most need is to have the spirit of law-abiding, integrity skills, virtue and good quality. It is difficult for us to make a long run in rough manufacturing. Whether it is self-Media accounts or all kinds of Apps, whether it is Internet red or big V, less quick success, more social morality, less arrogance, more prudent restraint, in order to grow up in the impetuous wave of self-media, and truly achieve a win-win social and self-benefit.

"It's too clever to turn a blind eye to Qing Qing's life." What is the end of the routine and the way of setting aside the notoriety and sewage? Everyone is advised from the media to say, do not use "smelly black" to follow me, do not use "smelly black" to poison our network.  


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