The British destroyer crossed the Strait of Hormuz and was intercepted by many ships in Iran.

The British destroyer crossed the Strait of Hormuz and was intercepted by many ships in Iran.

A British Royal Navy destroyer escorted a British tanker across the Strait of Hormuz when it was blocked by an Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard vessel, the Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

Reported that three Iranian attack boats quickly approached the British destroyer and blocked its way, the British ship must be 1000 yards away from the Iranian port (about 900 meters). British warships whistled 5 times as a warning to Iranian speedboats, which responded by radio that "we are here to defend national sovereignty, this is routine action". Finally, the Iran speedboat leaves. British naval commanders say British destroyers could fire warning shots at Iranian ships if the confrontation continues.

The second round of US sanctions against Iran will begin in November 5th. Iran's ambassador to Russia told Russia's "News" on the 23rd that the EU's financial mechanism for trade with Tehran will be launched in November, which will allow countries to bypass U. S. sanctions. However, Iranian Foreign Minister Zariff told Kyodo News Agency on 22, the details of these mechanisms have yet to be implemented, "the United States has been blocked from it." Zarif said Iran is weighing the pros and cons before deciding whether to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement.

The day before Zariff's announcement, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Munuchin told Reuters he did not expect Iranian oil importers to cut their purchases to zero in November, but must eventually achieve zero imports. He said oil buyers could also be exempt from sanctions, but Iranian oil purchases must be reduced by more than 20% of the amount purchased during the Obama administration. As for why some concessions were made, Mnuchin also gave the reason: Iran's reduced oil supply has become one of the factors affecting global crude oil prices. (Wang Yi)

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