Direct hit fast hand: China's commercialization will speed up marketing platform.

Direct hit fast hand: China's commercialization will speed up marketing platform.

Sina Technologies News October 24 afternoon, fast-hand held a commercial conference in Beijing, fast-hand founder Suhua said, "After more than a year of exploration, fast-hand commercialization speed up, will soon launch fast-hand marketing platform, we hope to provide commercial capabilities, so that users in the fast-hand community have a richer expression, to achieve more. Great value. "

Yan Qiang, vice president of fast-hand commercialization, said on the spot that fast-hand commercialization has been prepared for more than two years, and now the time is ripe. The fast-hand marketing platform will be officially launched by the end of October.

At present, 80% of fast-hand young users, 130 million daily users, the average daily use of more than 60 minutes, daily output of more than 15 million UGC content, original short video inventory of 7 billion.

Fast-hand user geographical distribution, the first-tier cities accounted for 10%, second-tier cities 36%, third-tier cities 20%, four-tier cities and below accounted for 34%. Yan Qiang believes that fast hands have a huge sinking user base, and will open to commercial users a huge user base, hoping to provide customers with efficient and long-term advertising solutions on the premise of the coordinated development of user experience and business needs.

In addition, fast hands have a more subdivided user groups, such as truck drivers, teachers, singers, etc., help fast hands commercialization. He summed up the soil of fast social relations: not to look up to idols, but to accompany and interact with old fellow iron relations.

According to Sina Technologies, Yan Qiang joined Fast Hand in 2016 and is also a technical expert in artificial intelligence. Since he joined Fast Hand, he has been exploring commercial models.

Yan Qiang said that in the past two years, the outside world may not know much about the commercialization of fast hands, but in fact, a lot of internal exploration has been done. For example, the launch of fan headlines in 2017; September 2017 express order platform on-line; October 2017 commercial number stationed; June 2018, on-line fast store, etc., the end of October 2018, fast-start will be on-line fast-food program, is mainly for small and medium-sized creators of the commercial platform.

In an interview with the media, Yan Qiang disclosed that there are three types of features of fast-hand platform advertising is more popular: content is biochemical; living scenes; higher quality content. This provides a train of thought for the commercialization of quick hands.

In the future, Fast Hands will tend to use artificial intelligence and human collaboration to create content that will expand commercial products and partners through technology. (Yang Xuemei)

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