The qualification of Beijing and the taxi drivers can be converted to each other.

The qualification of Beijing and the taxi drivers can be converted to each other.

Original title: Beijing network can change the qualification of drivers and taxi drivers.

Reporter Zhou Chao

Legal Evening News This morning, the reporter learned that recently the Transportation Administration Bureau of the Municipal Transportation Commission issued a "Notice on Optimizing the Work Related to the Taxi Driver Qualification Examination". The circular said that the city will further adjust and optimize the taxi driver qualification examination process. The qualification of net car and taxi can be transferred to each other instead of transfer examination.

According to the principle of simplifying the examination links and shortening the examination period, the taxi driver qualification examination process can be further adjusted and optimized by taking four measures, such as shortening the appointment time, facilitating the conversion of certificates, simplifying job registration and realizing online joint examination.

According to the introduction, the former taxi driver's qualification practice examination adopts the method of examiner's real car interview. The number of examiners is small and the examination cycle is long. After optimization, the practical examination was changed to use the computer to answer questions, and the title of the subject was changed to "Operation Practice" and the "Theoretical Knowledge" examination was completed at one time. From the appointment to the completion of the examination, it was shortened to about 7 working days. Since Nov. 1, 2018, candidates who fail to pass the actual exercise exam will take the computer exam of "Operation Practice".

Tour and network drivers can be directly converted to each other. According to the circular, applicants who have acquired the qualification of a cruise driver before the implementation of the new Taxi Policy on December 21, 2016, if they intend to operate a taxi contract, according to the original operating procedures, will have to take the job transfer examination and pass the results before they can get the certificate of the taxi contract. After optimization, the transfer examination is cancelled, and one of the qualifications certificates of the cruise car or the network contract car has been obtained, the relevant certificates can be held, and the procedures of the transfer network or the network transfer can be directly handled. Drivers are still required to submit old certificates for new certificates when they go through the formalities of changing certificates. They are not allowed to hold both cruise cars and Internet contract cars.

If the applicant has not applied for registration for more than three years before obtaining the employment qualification certificate, he can go through the post formalities only after passing the pre-post examination. After optimization, the pre-job examination has been cancelled, and when the driver needs to be re-employed, the cruise vehicle enterprise or platform company provides the driver with a commitment of not less than 27 school hours of continuing education, and other conditions meet the requirements of the post, the driver can go through the post formalities directly. At the same time, strengthen the supervision after the event, urge operators to fulfill the main responsibility of continuing education drivers, to ensure that registered drivers meet the taxi driver qualification requirements.

Applicants who originally applied for the driving qualification examination of cruise cars should issue certificates of no major accident for three years. After optimization, the paper certificate of no major accident for three years is cancelled. The applicant enters personal information into the Beijing Taxi Service Management System (cz. bjjtw. Gov. cn) for online information joint examination. Qualified applicants can choose the location and time of acceptance on the internet, and go to the test site for confirmation with relevant formalities. Recognition and appointment examination, simplify procedures, facilitate the driver registration examination.

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