More than 125 Android App advertising spots, fraud Google: add it to blacklist

More than 125 Android App advertising spots, fraud Google: add it to blacklist

More than 125 Android apps and websites are involved in large-scale click-to-click fraud activities to create illegal advertising revenue, according to BuzzFeed News quoted by Taiwan, China. Google responded that advertising fraud involving Google advertisers amounted to less than $10 million, removed the apps and blacklisted the fraudulent apps and websites after receiving notifications to ensure that advertisers did not buy traffic from the blacklist.

Android developer Steven Schoen told BuzzFeed that Tzachi Ezrati of We Purchase Apps offered to buy the Emoji Switcher he built in April. He thought we Purchase Apps was a weird company with a New York address and a British phone number. The price was good, so he accepted the bitcoin and sold his own application. In addition, 5 other Android developers have also sold the program to Tzachi Ezrati.

However, the BuzzFeed investigation found that the scam group set up shell companies around the world to buy Android apps already on Google Play, then built botnets to imitate the behavior of these App users and clicked on ads to avoid fraud detection systems monitoring and create illegal advertising. Revenue. It is estimated that more than 115 million applications have been installed, mostly games, flashlights and self-timers.

Google said the ad fraud mainly affects mobile applications, which mix legitimate traffic from users with false advertising traffic, but in this case, the amount of advertising fraud involving Google advertisers was less than $10 million, mainly affecting non-Google, third-party advertising networks.

In addition, Google not only removed Android apps that affect Google advertisers, but also blacklisted fraudulent applications and websites that involve third-party advertising networks to ensure that advertisers do not buy traffic from this blacklist.

Apps Flyer, a mobile app tracker, estimates that click fraud in mobile apps in the first quarter of this year has exceeded $700 million, while Pixalate, a fraud detective, says about 23% of mobile app advertising exposure is fraud.  

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