The United States is preparing to build "space forces" or deploying nuclear weapons in space.

The United States is preparing to build

[Global Times special correspondent in the United States and Germany Li Yongqing-mu Wei Huiliu Yupeng] Will the United States burn the flames of military competition into space? On the 23rd, at a space conference, U.S. Vice President Burns declared high-profile Washington's military ambition to dominate space: "Space is a space of war, just like the ground, air and sea, where the United States will dominate, just as we do on Earth." Peng Si led the National Space Commission announced the same day to promote the preparation of the "space army" more details: the establishment of a space command so that the "space force" rapid prototyping, and then continue to expand, the "space force" into the sixth largest service.

U. S. President Trump said the same day, is likely to formally establish next year, "space forces," this is a very, very big thing. The U.S. military power is particularly prominent, and the Trump administration has shown its obsession with military hard power by substantially increasing military spending, withdrawing from the Mid-Range Missile Treaty, and threatening to expand its nuclear arsenal... Militarily aggressive, the U.S. international image is "falling off the cliff," and now the United States is being "bombarded" by the world for its selfish approach to nuclear guidance.

"Trump rashly rushed into the arms race," Bloomberg warned on the 24th that the United States could spend more on nuclear weapons than Russia and China, as Trump said, but that does not mean the United States will win.

"Countdown, the space force is coming." The creation of a new service, the Space Force, once boycotted by the Pentagon and derided by some cartoons, is starting, according to USA Today. At a meeting of the National Space Commission (NSC) chaired by Vice President Burns on March 23, he outlined the important steps for the formation of the Space Army: the Pentagon will be built in 2020, and in the interim, the Pentagon will establish an independent space command, led by a four-star general and drawn from other armed forces. "Now is the time to write the next great chapter in the history of the US Army." Burns said at the meeting.

Agence France-Presse reported that the space forces Trump wants to build will be completed in phases by 2020. Burns said Wednesday that the new U.S. space force will soon take shape, but in the early stages will not be the sixth U.S. service, a level lower than the service, the White House does not expect to become an independent "space force" by 2020. "The National Space Commission is proposing to the president to start with a unified space command, just like the special forces command we've established in the past," Burns said at the space conference. About 60,000 people in the United States are currently engaged in space security work, personnel throughout the U.S. military and intelligence services. In order to justify the expansion, Burns said Russia and China were rivals of the United States. Potential threats in space included anti-satellite weapons, airborne lasers, and "high-threat on-orbit activities and hypersonic missiles."

At present, the U. S. military is composed of five major services, namely, the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Germany's "Le Monde" 24, said that the establishment of the "space force" will be the first time since 1947 the United States military to establish a new service. The United States may first use military weapons in space, such as anti satellite weapons and space laser weapons. In an interview with the Washington Post on the 23rd, Burns refused to rule out the possibility of deploying nuclear weapons in space in the face of questions about whether nuclear weapons should be banned from entering space. He said the current ban on the use of nuclear weapons was "in the interests of all countries", but the issue should be decided on the basis of "the principle of peace from power".

On the evening of 23, Trump also mentioned the establishment of the space force. "Everyone in this room has a strong feeling for the space force," Trump said in a meeting with military leaders, according to the U.S. Capitol Hill website. "He's doing his best to push it forward." He said, "I think it is possible for us to officially build space forces next year. This is a very, very big thing. " As part of his agenda to make America great again, Trump strongly supported the establishment of the Sixth Army, according to USA Today. The Voice of Germany said Trump's 2020 presidential campaign sent a fund-raising e-mail to supporters asking them to vote for his favorite "Space Force" logo on Trump's future campaign merchandise and offering six options. Trump also sent tweets to praise the "space forces rush!"

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