Taiwan new party: firmly oppose the United States and make Taiwan a battleground. We should not be cannon fodder.

Taiwan new party: firmly oppose the United States and make Taiwan a battleground. We should not be cannon fodder.

Original title: new party youth: firmly opposed to the United States to Taiwan as a battlefield, we should not be cannon fodder.

According to the Taiwan Defense Department's announcement on the evening of the 22nd, two U.S. warships sailed southward and northward through the Taiwan Strait on the 22nd from the Goose Loose Nose Sea, as well as a rumor that the United States would conduct military exercises in the Taiwan Strait in November, New Party spokesman Wang Bingzhong said today (24th). The United States deliberately explored and provoked confrontation between the two sides. Finally, it was the Taiwanese who were unlucky. The New Party firmly opposed the United States regarding Taiwan as a chess piece as a battlefield. We should not be reduced to cannon fodder. Who let the us come to Taiwan to perform military exercises is the sinners of Taiwan and the enemies of the Chinese nation.

Wang Bingzhong said there had been cases of US warships passing through the Taiwan Strait innocently before, but these days it has become more and more unusual. First, US Vice President Burns made a high-profile "attack speech" similar to that made on the Chinese mainland. Second, the US Army's scientific research vessel is equivalent to a quasi-warship docking. At Kaohsiung port.

Wang Bingzhong said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and the mainland of China, he has adhered to the so-called three principles of withdrawal, abrogation and establishment of diplomatic relations. He did not recognize Taiwan but took Taiwan as a "card", whether it was a chip in Sino-US trade frictions or a card in the domestic election of the United States, which was absolutely protested and opposed by young Taiwanese. It is really brave to "establish diplomatic relations" with the Taiwan authorities, but dare not, so Taiwan used as a "card," Taiwan into a battlefield who is responsible? Is the United States?

Wang Bingzhong pointed out that it is even more serious to say that the US military will come to Taiwan Strait for military exercises in November. If the United States intentionally tries and provokes confrontation between the two sides, it will be the people of Taiwan who will finally be unlucky. Therefore, the New Party firmly opposes the United States to regard Taiwan as a chess piece and Taiwan as a battlefield. We should not be reduced to cannon fodder. Whoever lets the United States come to Taiwan for military exercises is the sinner of Taiwan and the enemy of the Chinese nation.

In a regular press conference on the 23rd, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that China had paid close attention to and mastered the situation of US warships crossing the Taiwan Strait. The Taiwan issue is related to China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is the most important and sensitive issue in Sino US relations. We urge the United States to abide by the one-China principle and the provisions of the three Sino-US joint communiques and handle Taiwan-related issues carefully and properly so as not to damage Sino-US relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Liu Jieyi, director of the National Taiwan Office, also pointed out clearly: "In fact, for some time, the United States has been playing the'Taiwan card', and his purpose of playing the'Taiwan card'is very clear. Most fundamentally, this practice by the United States is harmful to the interests of Taiwan compatriots and to the interests of the Chinese people as a whole, and of course should also be jointly opposed by compatriots on both sides of the Straits. Taiwan compatriots should recognize the real purpose of the situation and the actions of the United States. No one should help the United States to play the "Taiwan card" to harm the interests of compatriots on both sides of the Strait and the fundamental interests of Taiwan compatriots.

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