Ma Ma is about to complete a new round of financing? Hornets say "no response"

Ma Ma is about to complete a new round of financing? Hornets say

Xinjing News (reporter Wang Shengnan) has news that "Honeycomb is about to complete a new round of financing led by Tencent, after the investment valuation of $2 billion." Malaysia beehive said this morning to the Beijing News reporter, "no response" to the matter.

Earlier, it was reported that this round of financing is the D + round of the honeycomb, showing a valuation of $2 billion, led by investors for the Tencent industry win-win fund.

On the evening of October 20, Horse Honeycomb attracted industry attention with a quick 100,000+ reading of an article published by the "whisper-to-whisper" Wechat Public No. 17.5 billion worth of travel unicorns, a ghost city of zombies and navies. The article pointed out plagiarism and falsification on the Honeycomb Travel Network of "Travel Unicorns". Subsequently, Hornets' nest charged the data of "data fraud".

The industry generally associates the honeycomb fraud with the high-profile D + round financing.

In October 2011, the honeycomb, then known as the Ant Honeycomb Travel Network, received a $5 million A round investment today (the honeycomb was renamed Honeycomb in 2017 from Ant Honeycomb). In April 2013, he received an Enlightenment Venture Capital and a $15 million B round of investment today, which was said to be used for business model innovation and the development and Application Layout of mobile Internet products and services. In January 2015, it was awarded C round of financing, and the investors were high leverage capital, Coatue, CoBuilder and Qiming venture capital. In December 2017, the honeycomb completed the D round financing after two years and nine months, with a financing amount of $133 million. In an internal letter to the D round financing, the CEO of the honeycomb, Chen Quai, said, "In three years'time, the honeycomb will become the largest tourism flow platform in China."

After the index fraud, honeycomb officials said on a public occasion that the change of time will not affect the normal operation of the company, the listing process propelled normally, hoping that the honeycomb will complete its IPO in the United States within two to three years.

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