Samsung Electronics and NEC formally launch global cooperation and look forward to becoming 5G leader.

Samsung Electronics and NEC formally launch global cooperation and look forward to becoming 5G leader.

Samsung Electronics and NEC24 issued an official statement on October 25, confirming that they will expand cooperation on both 5G products and services, providing customers with 5G solutions, and using 5G features to provide diversity to the world, according to media reports in Taiwan, China. Service.

However, the formal statement did not mention the details of the cooperation, before the media reported that the two sides will be high and low frequency band to allocate the development of 5G products, the statement did not elaborate.

NEC Managing Director Hou Na Hecun said in an official statement that the cooperation with Samsung Electronics will combine their strengths and develop products under the 3GPP 5G international standard, facing the global market, hoping to provide 5G services as soon as possible.

Jin Yongji, president of Samsung's electronic network division, said that working with NEC, a global capital company, was a consideration so as to provide customers with a wider range of choices. At present, the time for 5G commercialization is approaching, Samsung Electronics and NEC are facing a new career transformation period, looking forward to joining hands to become the leader of 5G services.

Sankei reported that Samsung Electronics could enter the Japanese market through a partnership, while NEC could use Samsung's service network to re-enter overseas markets. Before that, NEC did not succeed in attacking the global market. Nikkei News believes that the cooperation between the two sides will effectively speed up the pace of 5G equipment development and help seize the market.

5G is about 100 times faster than 4G, and 5G technology can provide a variety of epoch-making services, including autopilot, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and other emerging applications, which are regarded as new areas of unlimited business opportunities. IHS Markit estimates that the global economic effect of 5G will reach US $12 trillion and 300 billion by 2035.

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