Secret media from the "black public relations": there are hundreds of enterprises to pay protection fees from the media.

Secret media from the

The original title of the enterprise to pay hundreds of self-Media protection fees, and some "black public relations" annual income of tens of millions of dollars - reveal from the media "black public relations"

Reporter Wu Meng Da Fan Chen Xu

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 25, the annual maintenance of hundreds of self-media, unit prices ranging from 50,000 yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan a year, "do not pay, may be blackened." A car industry company director Tucao.

In recent years, since the media "black public relations" let some enterprises sniffed. "Xinhua View" reporter survey found that some from the media rely on "black public relations" for high profits, and some can collect tens of millions of dollars a year "protection fees.

Front foot attack enterprises "malicious money", back foot to receive money to change "bright spot frequently"

A public relations official of an automobile industry company told reporters that the company has to maintain hundreds of self-Media every year, most of the annual cooperation unit price ranging from 50,000 yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan. "Even some self-Media with only a few thousand readers will also get 100,000 yuan. To put it bluntly is a'protection fee'. If you don't pay, you may be blackened."

The person in charge showed a contract to reporters, the company and a self-Media signed a cooperation agreement of 100,000 yuan a year, the agreement clearly: "Party A enjoys public relations protection during the service period, Party B platform can not appear negative information."

A well-known Internet company was a media explosion from the "platform capricious fines, vicious circle of money, businessmen broke down and died," the enterprise emergency response. After a month, the self-Media attitude of the 180-degree turning, Lian praised the company is "the biggest dark horse in history, frequent light, flaws do not hide yoga".

"This is very common." Another company's public relations director said, "Last year we also suffered from this self-Media frequently issued'black manuscripts', after paying more than 300,000 yuan'protection fee', they immediately took the initiative to carry out positive publicity."

Zhu Wei, an associate professor at the Communication Law Center of China University of Political Science and Law, said that some "black public relations" have formed a media matrix. A paid "black text" can be published on more than ten platforms, such as Weixin and Weibo, to achieve the effect of reversing black and white and confusing audio-visual.

Reporters found that in recent years, enterprises and self media court cases frequently appear. A number of well-known enterprises, such as Tu Niu, Mobai, Che Duo, Sankuo Technologies, Jingdong Century, Millet and Tencent, have filed lawsuits against the media for alleged "black public relations".

The way to make money is to write businesses negative.

Industry insiders introduced that many from the media belong to content entrepreneurship, making money is the fundamental purpose, when normal traffic, advertising is not enough to support the income of a studio, doing "black public relations" has become some people's "way to make money.

Reporters found that "black public relations" generally have two types: one is self-Media writing business negative, and then door-to-door "talk about cooperation"; the other is the competitors find from the media, provide each other with negative information, from the media for dissemination.

A business public relations official interviewed by the reporter said that they had received a news report from the media, saying that the industry competitors found the self-Media "ready to engage in their negative" because of the usual good relations with the enterprise, so the advance of the letter.

A self-Media practitioner told reporters that some self-Media can provide enterprises with brand hype, word-of-mouth maintenance, crisis public relations and other services. "There is a couple in the technology circle, running a technology from the media number, organized a group of small editors every day to browse the negative news of technology manufacturers, and then write an outline door-to-door request for sealing fees, if the money is written to praise the manuscript."

"Black Public Relations" Research Report published by the Communication Laboratory of Jinan University concludes that self-Media articles fit the psychology of netizens, and in order to attract eyeballs, the articles will accuse enterprises of endangering children's health, violating personal privacy, involving pornography, breaking the capital chain and so on.

At the same time, "black public relations" will quickly organize the "network navy" in the social platforms of intensive posting, viral spread to expand the influence. Cao Yongshou, president of Beijing Aiman Data Technology Co., Ltd., found through technical analysis that "Black Public Relations" influx in a short time, the formation of heat after the butterfly effect, and the'navy'quickly withdrawn. He said that through technical analysis, "water army" can transmit tens of millions of similar high degree micro-blog every day.

Reporters combed a number of corporate and self-Media litigation cases found that many enterprises to libel, infringement of the right to reputation sued from the media, the court according to the wording of self-Media articles, statements to determine the nature of their behavior. For example, a self-Media fabricated facts, Zhang Guanli Dai, attacked Jingdong self-employed, was found to be infringement by the court; a self-Media used "fox fake tiger power" and "leech" to attack Mobai, was found to be excessive words by the court.

Industry insiders said that the media in the production of hype materials, generally only around one or two focus issues to compile articles, write paragraphs, implant negative information keywords. These negative information statements are often between objective statements and defamation, and it is difficult to resort to law.

Vigilance against the reputation of the media industry as a whole has been damaged, and resolutely put an end to the "mutual black" trend of enterprises.

"Without further regulation, the credibility of the industry has completely collapsed." A reporter from the media expressed his concern to reporters.

An attack by "black PR" may destroy the efforts of the enterprise for many years. Zhu Wei said that for enterprises, if the prosecution against the media, the cost is very high, even if the winning litigation will not get much money. Most importantly, the negative impact caused by the "black public relations" but through litigation to expand the influence.

Some local networking departments in an interview with reporters mentioned that the media "black public relations" illegal low cost, large profits, and hidden transactions, the difficulty of obtaining evidence. It is suggested that enterprises should do a good job in obtaining evidence, report clues to the supervisory department or bring a lawsuit to the court when problems are found.

Experts call on industry associations and platforms to do their duty. They suggest that we should explore the establishment of a "blacklist" system, ban the entry of self-Media practitioners who have repeatedly encountered problems, realize "both the number and the person in charge", implement the main responsibility of the media platform, establish and improve the account classification system, and strengthen the supervision of key accounts.

In addition, Liu Junhai, a professor at the Law School of Renmin University of China, said, "Now some enterprises are investing a lot of resources to look for competitors'black materials to attack each other. Such practices undermine the normal market order, break through the bottom line of commercial ethics and destroy the social atmosphere, and should be resolutely stopped and cracked down.

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