The taxi does not play the watch to the crematorium: the driver is sent to a taxi for life.

The taxi does not play the watch to the crematorium: the driver is sent to a taxi for life.

Beijing News (Reporter Liu Mingyang) recently, a "passengers questioned the taxi do not play a watch was pulled crematorium" network video caused concern. Today (25), the transportation management office of Yanping District, Nanping, Fujian, confirmed the news to the Beijing News reporter. At present, the drivers involved are fined 2,000 yuan for their bad attitude toward passengers and are forbidden to drive a taxi for life.

Video shows a male passenger in a taxi asking why the driver did not type the meter, the driver said not to tell you so much. When passengers repeatedly asked why the driver did not make a watch and pulled him to where, the driver told the passengers to go to the crematorium to burn the passengers.

This afternoon, a reporter from the Beijing News confirmed from the transportation management of Yanping District, Nanping City, Fujian Province, that the driver did not draw passengers to the crematorium by watch. Yanping District Transportation Management Office, a staff told the Beijing News reporter, after the incident, the relevant departments began to investigate, the video taxi is Nanping City Fuyuan Taxi Co., Ltd. taxi, driver Liao Mou-mou for the taxi driver on duty.

The staff said that the taxi driver was still hospitalized because he was beaten and unconscious by the passengers when he did not pull the passengers to the crematorium. It was inconvenient to collect evidence for some problems. "We're not sure now whether the passengers asked to go to the crematorium or whether the driver had to drag the passengers to the crematorium." This staff member said that the driver did not type a watch has been confirmed, Yanping District Transport Management Office, traffic comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade has jointly interviewed the main person in charge of Fuyuan Taxi Co., Ltd., ordered its comprehensive rectification.

At present, the Yanping District Transportation Administration Office and the Traffic Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade have made one month's stop-operation study rectification for taxis and drivers, fined 2,000 yuan, and blacklisted as unfit for work. They are not allowed to operate taxis (including cruise and Internet reservation taxis) for life, deducting the corresponding proportion of fuel subsidies for taxis. The punishment.

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