5G spectrum is in the air. Can domestic mobile phones have overtaking opportunities?

5G spectrum is in the air. Can domestic mobile phones have overtaking opportunities?

Li Na

[According to the spectrum report released by GSA in July 2008, although not many countries have officially issued 5G licenses, at least 89 5G-related spectrum auctions are planned for the year. ]

5G commercially, spectrum is the first step. As the interest game of spectrum resources has entered the final stage, the time of landing has become increasingly clear.

China's 5G spectrum will be announced in the near future, and with the finalization of the spectrum scheme, the 5G license will be issued at the end of this year or early next year, the first financial reporter has learned from people familiar with the matter. "It has been reported to the higher authorities by the Ministry of industry and commerce." The person said there were still uncertainties about the final number of licences issued, possibly from three to four, but the timetable did not look too late.

According to a spectrum report released by the GSA in July 2008, although not many countries have officially issued 5G licenses, at least 89 5G-related spectrum auctions are planned for the year. From the global deployment rhythm, the United States has been in high-frequency millimeter wave power, from the end of 2018 to commercial, 2019, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Australia, etc. will also be in the C-band commercial 5G.

Judging from the situation in China, the three major domestic operators have announced the 5G pilot city plan, and terminal manufacturers are also "snatching" for the first wave of dividends of 5G mobile phones. At the Qualcomm's 4G/5G summit, Qualcomm President Christiano Amon told reporters that there are at least 18 operators on the global and Qualcomm's planned 5G early deployment list, and more than 20 OEMs will adopt Qualcomm's 5G solutions. Vivo, OPPO, HUAWEI, millet and other mobile phone manufacturers have previously indicated that they will launch 5G pre commercial phones in 2019.

5G mobile phone opens in the first year

In a slowing smartphone market, the approach of the 5G trial is like a stimulant, gradually activating the heat of the market and filling the preheated track with players.

Throughout the market, many mobile phone manufacturers have announced plans for 5G related layout. Huawei, for example, said it would launch a 5G-enabled smartphone in June 2019, while Millet, OPPO and vivo had previously said they had successfully connected to 5G signaling and data links.

"Vivo will complete the first batch of NSA and SA5G handsets worldwide in 2019, launch the first 5G pre-commercial handset, and will truly achieve commercial 5G smartphones by 2020." At the sub-forum of the summit, the latest launch time of the 5G mobile phone was announced around the dean of the Global AI Research Institute of vivo. He said vivo has initially completed software and hardware development for commercial 5G smartphones, and has reached a commercial level in size and appearance.

Around the view that in the entire 5G network business process, the maturity of the terminal is crucial to the early development process of the 5G industry. "VIVO's NEX5G terminal supports both LTE and NR connections in NSA mode, which means that 5G phones can connect to 4G simultaneously through a new 5G port and network connection."

"Mainstream operators around the world have invested billions of dollars in network deployment to prepare for 5G commercialization by 2019, and flagship Android planes supporting 5G will be launched in different regions in the first half of next year." Christiano Amon told reporters that 5G would be a very large potential market for services, with products and technologies expected to cover a broad market of about $100 billion by 2020. In the view of analysts, the 5G era, mobile phones are expected to become the core of the "connector" and continue to dominate the mobile market.

Wang Yanhui, secretary-general of the Mobile Phone Alliance, told reporters that 5G mobile phones are faster and can meet the needs of more applications such as games, office and AR applications in terms of time delay. On the other hand, 5G products can provide a more immersive experience, but also for voice interaction, holographic projection, 3D modeling and so on. "Just like in the early days of the 3G era, the mobile industry is now thinking about and exploring new application scenarios."

"The deep integration of 5G and AI will be the trend of the 5G mobile phone era, which we define as the 5G smart phone. AI gives mobile learning and thinking ability, and 5G gives mobile phones more powerful communication capabilities. Surrounding reporters, 5G has spawned new applications, the future of mobile phones will be "self-learning, self-indexing, self-recommendation" smartphones.

In interviews with reporters, many mobile phone manufacturers will define 2019 as the start-up year of 5G mobile phones, killer applications will appear in the first half of next year.

Does domestic mobile phone have more opportunities to overtake?

In the global market, domestic mobile phone market share has exceeded 50%, and the share is still expanding. In the era of 5G, are there more "overtaking opportunities" for domestic mobile phones?

"Global market share is expected to expand to 54% by the end of this year. China's brand manufacturers, including IDH, have grown rapidly in the past few years. Last year, they began to break through the past smartphone market pattern headed by Korean and American brands, covering more than half of the global market share. Ji Bang consulting analyst Yao Jiayang told reporters.

In many analysts' view, the overall stagflation trend of the mobile phone industry will continue to 2020. However, 5G will become the biggest variable in the market structure. Canalys analyst Jia Mo told reporters that the pattern will change with the introduction of new technology and the development of 5G opportunities.

It is worth noting that in this exhibition of Qualcomm's 5G partner PPT, there is no appearance of Apple, and in response to reporters about the cooperation with Apple's 5G, Qualcomm's statement is very direct. "5G offers the greatest value. Qualcomm is not investing in one or two companies. Today, every Android handset manufacturer that designs its terminal based on the Top 800 is preparing for the launch of 5G products in 2019." Cristiano Amon said.

In other words, if Apple doesn't launch 5G phones next year, it will lag behind this trend. In contrast, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have laid out 5G technology several years ago.

According to the reporter's understanding, millet in the 3GPP has not yet begun to discuss the 5G standard, on the establishment of a pre-research team, in advance of the 5G standard to carry out research work. OPPO began to invest in the field of 5G in 2015. In May this year, the world's first 5G video call demonstration using 3D structured light technology was successfully implemented. In 2016, vivo set up a 5G R & D center in Beijing to take part in the research of 5G core technology standard.

In 2017, vivo became one of the biggest mobile phone companies contributing to 3GPP technology, and started pre-research on Key Technologies of 5G antenna and radio frequency (RF). In the aspect of 5G mobile phone production, vivo also cooperates with telecom operators and chip solution manufacturers to promote the development process of 5G prototype and commercial mobile phone. This year vivo officially launched the research and development of the 5G terminal test prototype, and in August this year successfully realized the vivo5GFirstcall successful commissioning, initially completed the commercial 5G smart phone software and hardware development. On this basis, vivo plans to implement the 5G communication application display based on mobile terminals in December.

"A single way of selling hardware may change in the age of 5G, and more scenario exploration and partner involvement will bring new variables to the mobile phone industry." Wang Yanhui told reporters that mobile phones are evolving from a single terminal product into a platform-based integrated control center, which is also a new opportunity for mobile phone manufacturers with slowing market growth.

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