Russian special forces summed up operational experience in the Syria: UAVs provide great help.

Russian special forces summed up operational experience in the Syria: UAVs provide great help.

[Global Times comprehensive report]24 is Russian special forces day. In the coming days, Russian media summed up the experience of using special forces in Syria.

Russia's "News" said on the 25th that the war in Syria has become a real test of Russian forces preparing for the 21st century war. If previously the special forces were mainly used for reconnaissance of the enemy's rear, sometimes even as infantry, then the Russian special forces carried out many completely different new missions in Syria.

One of the tactical innovations of the Russian special forces is that they do not have to go deep into the enemy's rear, or even go to the front line to complete combat tasks. He said the special forces are now equipped with new reconnaissance and attack equipment, so that they can complete their tasks in areas under their control. Syria's operational experience has shown that there is no need to send reconnaissance teams to the enemy's rear as before. They can use GPS or "Glonas" positioning systems to determine the target coordinates and transmit them directly to the command center via satellite. In addition, Russian special forces have never been highly maneuverable, like fighting in Syria. They are equipped with armored vehicles and all terrain vehicles. With these equipment, a four-man special operations team can quickly reach any part of the front line and conduct a small operation there. At the same time, they can carry heavy weapons: anti tank missiles and automatic grenade launchers. Operational experience in Syria has shown that deploying a few armored vehicles from 10 special forces to the front line in Syria for a week can keep the enemy in a state of tension and exhaust them, thus easily eliminating them when Syrian government forces launch an attack. In addition, the snipers in special units are specially used to hunt enemy snipers, using modern equipment and technical means, it is easy to destroy opponents, sometimes a day can destroy several enemy snipers.

As for the important role played by Russian special forces in the Syrian battlefield, Russian military expert Anton Lavrov said that Russian special forces in Syria have many tasks, including artillery, aircraft and precise weapons to attack the instructions and calibration targets. Without them, the Russian air force could not have achieved such a great victory. Russian retired colonel Valery Yuriyev also said that before the Syrian operations, Russian special forces had little experience in guiding aircraft and accurately attacking weapons. In Chechnya war, they were really fighting the enemy with real guns. In Syria, they only need to guide the aircraft to hit targets. In Syria, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are extremely helpful to special forces, and they are widely used on the front lines, often even for reconnaissance behind enemy lines. (Liu Yupeng)

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