People's network commentary on the chaos of the media: the profit making media can stop.

People's network commentary on the chaos of the media: the profit making media can stop.

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People's online commentary "self media account chaos" three

People's online review: the mercenary media can stop.

Lu Yang

Source: People's Network - view channel

There are only two ways to make money in the world. One is "legal" and the other is "illegal". How many people "run naked" from the media on the second way?

The idea of "hijacking families and robbing houses" was aroused, with the threat of issuing negative information, extortion and collection of enterprise "protection fees"; the vice of "taking money to do things" was brought to the extreme, all kinds of soft writing, all kinds of hard and wide, only asking for remuneration without asking for right and wrong; the "concealing the world from the sea" campaign was carried out with the dean and experts as its own. In order to gain fame and fame, we should not hesitate to "consume grief" and "consume the deceased". In digging gold, we should "ugly human nature" and publicly exaggerate celebrity gossip privacy and "yellow gambling drug" incarnate "chicken soup"...

Marx said that if the capital has 50% profit, it will be desperate to risk, if there is 100% profit, it dare to trample on all the laws of the world. With the logic of "only money", how many media have gone on the road of self destruction? From the permanent closure of the public number of the "Ergeng Canteen" to the apology and compensation for the "Runaway Comics", breaking the lower limit and ignoring the bottom line for the so-called "flow", "click" and "reward" will eventually pay a heavy price. According to reports, in the second quarter of this year, nearly 720 thousand illegal accounts were closed. Will anyone regret them?

There is a market, there are laws, from the media is never lawless "rivers and lakes", cyberspace is never to seize the "vanity fair". The pursuit of interests is not shameful, but the "disenchantment" of interests does not mean that there can be no fear and nothing in front of interests. One of the prerequisites for pursuing interests is that we must abide by laws and regulations, respect public order and good customs, and respect the morality of the world. If making money "regardless of eating phase", people and businessmen "ignore the official law" and "do not speak of shame" for profit, is it a long-term plan and a way to settle down? The Chinese have always attached importance to "justice and benefit". Have the self-media, who are "all for profit" and "all for money", ever felt anxious in the depths of their conscience? Can there be fear that birds die for food and men die?

From the media "self", first of all, self-esteem. A founder of the media platform said well, "smaller individuals also have their own brands". No matter what kind of media we have, we all have our own brand, and we should value our reputation. There is always more value than money, and there are always more important goals than making money. It is self-despising and self-destructive to regard "self" from the media as a "cash machine" of crazy realization. What is more worth pondering than "making all kinds of money" is how to "make money standing up", which is a kind of accomplishment for people and themselves.

The key to media is "content". The social progress is becoming more and more obvious because the media content that does not attach importance to content and quality is not far away. Since "everyone is an editor and journalist" belongs to "media", it is necessary to obey the law of value adherence and content supremacy, and to face up to the media law of consolidating authority by professionalism. Want to get rid of the "attention anxiety" and "flow anxiety", from the tens of millions of new media to stand out, no carved content diamond, not in the professional breadth of the "moat", is absolutely impossible. If you think hard about the shortcuts to making money and hope to make bad money, it will be a dream in the end.

From the stage of development, the development of media has reached a critical period from countless to the survival of the fittest, from uneven to 100 steel, from scale advantage to quality priority. Bubbles are breaking down, impetuosity is coming out, and grinding high taste and high quality products is the only way to win. In the past, there was no such thing as "pie in the sky", "free time" or "white wolf in empty gloves". Now, since the media has entered a high-quality stage of development, there is no possibility of speculation and openness. Do not hit the wrong way in spite of the abacus.

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