Foreign media commentary on China's military exercises in the Malacca Strait: demonstrating the determination to maintain peace in the South China Sea

Foreign media commentary on China's military exercises in the Malacca Strait: demonstrating the determination to maintain peace in the South China Sea

China, Malaysia and Thailand participated in the first military exercise of the three countries - "Peace and Friendship - 2018" in the Matai joint military exercise 24 overlooking the Malacca Strait in the Malaysian tourist resort of Aran officially began.

Thailand's Bangkok Post website reported on October 24 that the exercise included land and sea exercises, which focused on the "military decision-making process" in peacekeeping operations.

Reported that the military exercises will continue until 29, is the extension of the annual joint military exercises between China and Malaysia from 2014. Najib, then Prime Minister, not only actively attracted Chinese funds to support Malaysia's economy, but also deepened bilateral defense relations.

Lieutenant General Said Zahirudin Putra, commander of the Joint Armed Forces of Malaysia, said at the opening ceremony of a military base in Aran that the exercise would help "plan and carry out future exercises to enhance the Malaysian Defense Forces in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations, maritime security and counter-terrorism And other capabilities in action.

Ma Yiming, deputy chief of the Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission, said in his speech that the exercise embodied the common aspirations of peace, friendship and mutual learning.

"The exercise fully demonstrates the ability and accomplishment of the armed forces of the three countries to cooperate in depth, to plan jointly and to act precisely. It also demonstrates the firm determination of the three countries to strengthen defense capacity-building, to effectively respond to non-traditional security threats and to maintain regional security and stability," he said.

Reported that, at the same time, China is holding the first joint naval exercise with ASEAN near Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, the exercise will end on the 28th.

Reported that the narrow Strait of Malacca is one of the world's busiest maritime routes, each year more than 80,000 ships carrying a third of the world trade in the sea.

On the afternoon of October 25, the Director-General of the Information Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense and the spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, Colonel Wu Qian, said that the exercise was an important military operation of the annual military training arrangement. The main purpose was to enhance the traditional friendship and military cooperation between China, Malaysia and Thailand, and to demonstrate the joint commitment of the three countries to the maintenance of peace and security in the South China Sea region. Heart and confidence enhance the ability to deal with multiple security threats.

Wu Qian introduced that the drill is divided into two parts, the first part is the staff training, the second part is the actual troop drill, which is located in the comprehensive training ground in Senmei Lanzhou, special combat troops patrol and escort, rescue hostages, special sniping, armed escort and other 11 subjects of drills. The Navy conducted 10 drills in the port of Basheng in Selangor and offshore areas, including pre-mortem arrest, joint search and rescue, formation movement and helicopter landing. The troop strength of the three countries was 1225, including four warships, three large transport aircraft, three helicopters and more than one vehicle.

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